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Liqueur Vecchio Amaro Del Capo

By What’s that?, Added on the : 19/06/2018

I am simply replacing my bottle that’s almost finished. And very grateful I don’t have to go to Italia to buy it.

AbsinthExplore La Valdetra Verte

By Sheldon, Added on the : 18/06/2018

A very enjoyable glass! I blame only myself when I say I still prefer the Jade 1901. I will say that the Valdetra Verte has piqued my interest to sample more of Gaudentia Persoz Distillery's offerings!


Absinthe Blanche Neige

By Sheldon, Added on the : 18/06/2018

Although I have only discovered absinthe, your site has enabled me to enjoy brands I would never see here in Hawaii. Simply put. Blanche Neige is my favorite La Bleu! I will always keep this on hand! It is refreshing and balanced in flavor. I louche about 2 1/2 to 1 and float a couple of medium ice cubes in my Grande Goblet Absinthe Glass and watch the sun set. This offering from Gaudentia Persoz Distillery does not need any sugar. But if you need some, use sparingly on this naturally sweetie pie of an absinthe!!!


Absinthe Apocalypse

By Sheldon, Added on the : 18/06/2018

I can see why this one is recommended to beginning absintheurs. I taste the citrus! Forgive me but I enjoy this one over ice with a wedge of lime at a 3 to 1 mix of water.


Absinthe Quarantaine Organic - SE-EKO-01

By Sheldon, Added on the : 18/06/2018

A very easy absinthe to drink. I am using it to mix light & fruity cocktails.