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Absenta F.E. Volart Cornella Barcelona c. 1960s

By Bev, Added on the : 18/01/2018

This absinthe is not from the 1960s. 1971 at the earliest.

Absinthe Glass Bubble Reservoir

By markom, Added on the : 17/01/2018

Very nice looking and robust glass. Just fill the bubble, pour the water and let the magic happen. Love it.

Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier - High Quality

By markom, Added on the : 17/01/2018

Absolutely wonderful glass, makes enjoyment in absinthe far more pleasurable. In it, it looks and tastes like a true medicine.

Absinthe Dripper See-Saw

By markom, Added on the : 17/01/2018

Excellent accessory for preparing absinthe and enjoyable to watch while it does its job.


Kalevala Organic Gin - Gindependence - FI-EKO-301

By Cyril, Quebec, Canada, Added on the : 17/01/2018

Kalevala Gindependence edition is deliciously herbal and the mint freshness is apparent. Gentle green juniper stalk and a soft warmth on the finish.

Amazing personalized service from Stefanie. Special order delivered without any problem to Canada.