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Kalevala Vodka - Organic Finnish Wheat Vodka - FI-EKO-301

By Vodkalover, Added on the : 17/04/2019

Best vodka I ever tried ! Smooth and easy to drink

Absinthe Green Velvet VAL. 340 - Fée Verte

By Alexander Symonds, Added on the : 16/04/2019

Thanks!! This is the very best Absinthe I've ever had!! I'll be coming back. You have a loyal customer now!!


Gin OMFG 2019 - Oh My Finest Gin

By Bica, Added on the : 15/04/2019

Great gin. Perfect service. Quick delivery. Many thanks.

Absinthe Black Fox

By DAx, Added on the : 10/04/2019

A buddy shared this with me and it might be one of my favorite absinthes at present time. Very evenly balanced, smooth, drinkable, and refreshing. 1 cube of sugar in an approximately 1:4 dilution made this a joy to drink (and drink we did). At this price point it will definitely be in my next order.


Absinthe La Clandestine

By DAx, Added on the : 10/04/2019

Someone else said this is not an absinthe for beginners and I disagree. Very easy to dilute to the correct taste. A 1:3 dilution will give more wormwood, but not so much that it scares away a first time drinker, and a 1:5 will give much more anise and a calm/soothing experience. Right in the middle is a nice happy place for everyone. Like other Swiss absinthe the wormwood is not quite as heavy and this is a very refreshing drink. I would highly recommend this to anyone new to absinthe to find and choose the tastes they prefer.