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Absinthe Green Velvet VAL. 340 - Fée Verte

By Jordon S., Added on the : 22/01/2019

One of the better tasting absinthe I have bought so far, and very potent. The alcohol content could be another 5 - 10% higher as it was difficult to melt through the spoon properly. The card and gummy candies were a very nice personal touch to my order, a pleasant suprise.

Overall a good purchase.

Jigger bar measure

By Northener, Added on the : 21/01/2019

Free gift is always a nice touch. What´s not to like.

Absinthe Authentique

By Northener, Added on the : 21/01/2019

Jolly good absinthe. Lovely balanced taste, not too heavy anise flavour. Strong wormwood. Elegant brownish green colour.
Satisfactory but not exceptional.


Handmade ceramic absinthe dripper by Denise Prisi

By Shanty Doc, Added on the : 21/01/2019

Beautiful!!! Fits just about any glass between 8-9 cm in diameter. Functions quickly but very effectively!! Every one of these handcrafted drippers are one of a kind works of art. I see myself owning several of them :)

Absinthe Glass Amboise

By Damon M, Added on the : 18/01/2019

Beautiful glasses with indentations in the pattern at the bottom for your absinthe measure. Slightly let down by pronounced press lines from the manufacturing process, but still gorgeous nonetheless.