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AbsinthExplore Butterfly

By I loved it, Added on the : 16/01/2019

Me and my sisters loved it strong black jelly bean taste but it's good mixed with coke and other drinks

Absinthe Enigma Verte FDC – aged in oak barrels

By Patient Explorer, Added on the : 11/01/2019

"This is absinthe" is how my wife succinctly described this drink. It is an extremely well composed and balanced absinthe, that will put your taste buds back on track if you ever lose sight of what absinthe is supposed to taste like. It represents the ideal traditional flavors that you would expect and desire out of a French Verte, with the proper amount of complexity from auxiliary herbs without any unnecessary distractions, an absolute classic. Certainly one of my new favorites.

Thank you, for offering this amazing product!

Absinthe Gustave - barrel-aged

By Marco Tonarelli, Added on the : 07/01/2019

Another good absinthe from Devoille. Smooth and fruity aroma


Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

By Marco Tonarelli, Added on the : 07/01/2019

One of my favourite modern absinthe. Drink it and love it!


Postcard Absinthe Suisse

By Marco Tonarelli, Added on the : 07/01/2019

Good old graphic postcard . I love the belle epoque style