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Absinthe Vivide

By Walt, Added on the : 29/05/2017

I bought the small bottle version, just to taste this absinthe made in the place (near Aaachen) where I was born. Really a delicate and elegant taste, though the louche is a bit weak for my actual verte de fougerolles (my favorite) tastes. Anyway a precious and good absinthe I'll buy again in the future.

Absinthe La Charlotte

By Walt, Added on the : 29/05/2017

This is now my favorite absinthe. It has the full characteristics of other more famous Vertes de Fougerolles, and with 55% vol. it’s a good daily “not so strong” absinthe. Wonderful louche and freshness, full of green balanced aromas. At a good price!

Absinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orléans

By Anonymous, Added on the : 28/05/2017

Another gorgeous Jade. Amongst the Jade line this is probably the lightest; it tastes lighter on wormwood than the Terminus Oxygénée but with a similar aniseed profile. Again, beautiful taste, clean and lovely, peppery, dangerously easy to drink. If you enjoy anise, definitely do yourself a favour and try this one.


Absinthe La Faucille - FR-BIO-01

By JL, Added on the : 28/05/2017

Really nice absinthe - powerful Aa profile and superb herbal quality all around. No problems with the louche - a really nice absinthe! Could use a bit more anise for balance but really quite good!!!


Absinthe Justifiée & Ancienne 2017 – Martin Zufanek

By Shanty Doc, Added on the : 26/05/2017

Truly amazing absinthe from Martin Zufanek! Such a beautiful and very complex blend of the trinity, plus the Pontarlier wormwood makes this absinthe top notch!