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Handmade ceramic absinthe dripper by Denise Prisi

By Shanty Doc, Added on the : 21/01/2019

Beautiful!!! Fits just about any glass between 8-9 cm in diameter. Functions quickly but very effectively!! Every one of these handcrafted drippers are one of a kind works of art. I see myself owning several of them :)

Absinthe Glass Amboise

By Damon M, Added on the : 18/01/2019

Beautiful glasses with indentations in the pattern at the bottom for your absinthe measure. Slightly let down by pronounced press lines from the manufacturing process, but still gorgeous nonetheless.

Absinthe Dripper See-Saw

By aNovice, Added on the : 17/01/2019

Very fun, could be better aligned. I had to tweak the bends/angles of the mounting wires to get the see-saw dripper to teater and drip evenly

Carafe for Absinthe, Vintage Reproduction

By aNovice, Added on the : 17/01/2019

Beautiful, nearly perfect, maybe I am impatient, but the depression depth, and angle to the opening flare could be different, i.e., the perfection in angle required to drip, but not gush over the opening was a bit too demanding. Even on the 1st pour

Absinthe Gustave - barrel-aged

By aNovice, Added on the : 17/01/2019

Notes from a novice.
I have just started trying to learn about Absinthe
The method is straight forward:
Ice water in/over ice, dripped over 1 cube to no cubes of sugar, slowly to appreciate the precipitation of dissolved herbal essences.
Watch, and smell. Slower is better.
Ratios: 1:3-5

I had tried, so far ...
Absinthe Roquette 1797
Absinthe La Clandestine
Absinthe Gustave
Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier

I do not understand Wormwood yet, but I know Anise, and Fennel.
Wormwood seems to be the slightly bitter note, that provides the foundation for the Anise, Fennel and other herbs.

All of the above Absinthes are well balanced, complex, with different balances of bitter to herb flavor/sweetness.

But this is a review of Absinthe Gustave.
Gustave seemed to be more of an Amber, than a Verte, which it is.
Maybe the barrel aging added the amber/light browns to the louche.

What struck me, what I appreciated the most, was the mouth feel, the thickness/creaminess after louching.
Very enjoyable, I will return to this in the future after I try the Jades, and the Amer