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Gin Kyrö Distillery - Napue Finnish Rye Gin

By Grumpy, Added on the : 15/02/2018

Absolutely wonderful terrific taste and flavor. I find it to be fabulous straight up as a shot too.


Absinthe Espinaveld Verte

By Dennis Klebe, Added on the : 10/02/2018

This one was a bit of a surprise. A well crafted absinthe, that gives the impression of a distiller with a few years of experience under his belt. But as the bottle stated, this was indeed "Edition no.1". Very fresh and herbal, somewhat mild on the anise, a slight sharpness that I assume to be a good amount of fennel seed. Very well balanced, fitting for what could be considered a "by the books" benchmark for new absinthe distillers. In my opinion, improvements could be made by using a wine alcohol base instead of the more neutral grain alcohol, and a bit of a bolder approach with the flavor profile, for as well crafted as this absinthe is, it's still lacking somewhat of an individual character. Overall, very impressive for a first commercial output, entirely recommended.

Absinthe Fountain Artemisia - 4 taps

By JohnFromOz, Added on the : 10/02/2018

First things first; I was amazed at how carefully and effectively my fountain and some other glass items were packed. Since then I've learned that nothing less than careful protection for orders is the norm for this supplier.
The fountain itself is a beautiful centre piece for a table - and visitors have said as much. I chose the four-tap style, and I'm glad I did, given how many friends now enjoy absinthe. The slow addition of water to the drink is of course part of the enjoyment, as it releases the aromas and clouds (the "louche").
Is there any down-side? Well, I am very careful emptying and cleaning, and because of the design, there's no position in which it can drain dry. I have to turn it on its side to sponge out remaining water.
That is no deal-breaker. The enjoyment it brings is worth the little extra effort. Granted, I could add water and sugar by hand, but absinthe is about enjoyment. A fountain, a few proper spoons and glasses, and I and my friends enjoy sharing the occasion.


Gin Kilsbergen

By James, Added on the : 09/02/2018

After having had the brilliant absinthes from this distillery, I felt encouraged to try their gin as well – and it didn’t disappoint me.
Kilsbergen Gin has the most amazing and complex aroma, with a distinct character of juniper and light tones of citrus, but it is also rather flowery. Actually, this is the only gin I’ve had that I want to drink without any additional preparation! Taking it straight is pure bliss. Warmly recommended!


Absinthe Grön Opal

By James, Added on the : 09/02/2018

This is the benchmark for the new generation of authentic, high quality absinthes. Period.
Powerful, an herbal explosion if you will, dominated by an amazing, very intense wormwood (and a generous amount of pontica, too) and in the same way perfectly balanced, with nothing out of proportion – this is the perfect absinthe. I don’t claim to know much about the art of distillation, but enough to comprehend, that this is a feat that can be achieved only by a true artisan. Among all the many great absinthes I have tasted over the last ten or so years, this is decidedly my number one verte. It is fresh, floral, powerful, seducing in every aspect, and its irresistible taste lingers on your palate forever. I simply cannot recommend it enough…
Grön Opal reminds you of what it’s like to fall in love. Need I say more?