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Absinthe Libertine 72 Intense

By scarlette, Added on the : 06/10/2018

Just got this in my latest shipment. It is absolutely lovely. Milkiest louche I've encountered so far! The flavor is very complex. I can taste the fennel! Very good, highly recommended.


Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

By My favorite, Added on the : 05/10/2018

Always very smooth finish. I think Edouard is the best tasting of the Jade series. Nice louche, good color, with an intense taste, very smooth and comforting.

Absinthe Glass Goblet

By Vm1891, Added on the : 05/10/2018

These glasses are awesome, they are all a little different, which means you can tell they are handmade. They are elegant, beautiful, and delicate. Unique absinthe glasses that are just amazing!

Jigger bar measure

By Vm1891, Added on the : 05/10/2018

Adorable copper jigger, it actually came free with my order, but I would totally pay for another.


Absinthe Libertine 72 Intense

By Newbsinther, Added on the : 04/10/2018

My first bottle of Absinthe I have bought and chose myself, took me a while to get the right one and I feel I made the right choice. Once I had the measurements right for my personal preference the taste grew on me. I also like the color of the drink and the La Louche ritual of adding the iced water over the sugar which made it the milky color which made it an enjoyable relaxing drink. Enjoying it very much!