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Absinthe Spoon Grille Snowflake - Chrome

By Ryan, Added on the : 10/07/2018

Nice look, different than the traditional spoons, good price.

Absinthe Roquette 1797

By Solanaceae, Added on the : 10/07/2018

This absinthe is very herbal-medicinal with flavours that I haven't tasted in any other absinthe. It really stands out! The louche is transcluent, some might even call it a bit weak and the mouthfeel is surprisingly thin for an absinthe with such a wide aroma. Still, it's a fine absinthe and I'm glad to have it in my collection. 1:4 no sugar.

Absinthe Soixante Cinq

By Solanaceae, Added on the : 09/07/2018

A well made absinthe with no surprises or weirdness going on. The louche is quite nice and every sip delivers a balanced bouquet of herbs on a fine wine-alcohol base. A pleasue to drink. 1:4 no sugar.

Absinthe Un Peureux

By Solanaceae, Added on the : 09/07/2018

A nice little absinthe. Easy to drink and simple but surprisingly tasty considering its price and abv. There is star anise in that flavour but it fits well with the other herbs and is not too numbing or dominant. There is a nice coniferous taste between wormwood and the other flavours, probably thanks to angelica. 1:3 without sugar.

Absinthe Vivide - 3rd edition

By DeSade, Added on the : 05/07/2018

Very good! A whole lot better than the 2nd batch. Keep up the good work!