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Absinthe Fountain Simple – 2 metal taps

By McJakeK, Added on the : 22/05/2018

Build quality was better than I expected. I would recommend.

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By Herk64, Added on the : 20/05/2018

If your absinthe connoisseur this is a must-have. It's very smooth a little on the dry side but flavored nicely I give it a 5 out of 5

AbsinthExplore Set – Artemisia Bugnon

By Pearly Shelz, Added on the : 19/05/2018

Thoroughly enjoyed this master distiller's sampler! La Clandestine is so refreshing and easy to drink that the little bottle lasted only 2 glasses in quick succession! Thank you Stephanie for opening up the world of absinthe to a local boy from Hawaii. Yes, I get my deliveries in exactly 2 weeks time with no breakage or customs problems. I will continue to order from your excellent service and one day, will post a detailed critique but for now & from this novice, simple statements of good or bad, like or dislike, will suffice. In the end we all honor our favorite distillers by enjoying their creations. I will be ordering La Clandestine, Butterfly, & Angelique again. Enough said.

AbsinthExplore Vit Opal

By Pearly Shelz, Added on the : 19/05/2018

Still deciding if I am partial to Blanches or Vertes as my preferred Absinthes. Gron Opal & Vit Opal both very good! If I had to choose, I would recommend Vit Opal for the new absintheur. Pleasant anise flavor but not licorice candy like. And so refreshing. I don't believe it needs a sugar cube.


Absinthe Jade 1901

By Pearly Shelz, Added on the : 19/05/2018

Jade 1901 my favorite because the feel and complex flavors are not harsh. I M new to enjoying absinthe but I really enjoy this one.