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Absinthe DuVallon

By Billlee2330 Casey M., Added on the : 05/04/2020

Ab-so-lutly nothing to complain about here. Great tasting la bleue! Very good wormwood, as well as fennel and aniseed. The aniseed is mild, but for a bleue absinthe that is not a problem. I love this absinthe, but think I prefer the Septante Seven because it's got a little more kick. You know those Big Hunk candy bars? There is a flaver that I can't identify that reminds me of a Big Hunk bar. It's a good flavor. I really dig this absinthe, and I believe that you will also be hard pressed to find anything negative about this absinthe that was made from an old family recipe. Go ahead and buy this, you will not regret it!

La Maison Fontaine Absinthe Chocolat Liqueur

By Billlee2330 Casey M., Added on the : 05/04/2020

It is pretty tasty. Can certainly taste the chocolate and the wormwood. It is very sweet though. A little too sweet for my pallet.

Absinthe Black Fox

By Artemis 13, Added on the : 02/04/2020

This one is a serious crowd pleaser. While it has all the right notes to please an absinthe lover, it also is mellowed out a touch by the oaking, which makes it easy to love for beginners as well. Lovely pearl blue louche. Can't beat the value for the price in my opinion.

Chartreuse Elixir Végétal

By Artemis 13, Added on the : 02/04/2020

I don't know why people say they need this with sugar - I like it exactly the way it is! Strong but balanced, can't wait to invent some cocktails with it.

Absinthe Butterfly

By Absinthe, Added on the : 02/04/2020

Thank you, Butterfly had very distinct flavor. It was also smooth. I enjoyed it very much