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Absinthe Jade 1901

By Vincent Van Woah, Added on the : 15/09/2020

My first real absinthe. First glass unexpectedly knocked me sideways. Second was the threshold and the bright shiny colors with giggly happiness. Third glass was too much. Wonderful experience!!!

Cognac Cognac Tesseron - Lot 29 XO Exception

By BT, Added on the : 15/09/2020

The tasting notes only hint at the complexity of this ethereal elixir. I particularly enjoyed the aftertaste of marzipan.

Absinthe Antitoxin

By HK, Added on the : 01/09/2020

The absolute best there is! Great for alone time, great for parties, great for every occasion.


Absinthe La Perchée - FR-BIO-01

By Dylan, Added on the : 26/08/2020

I recently went on an exploration of several absinthes from this site, and this was my second favorite of them. The anise isn’t overpowering, and the wormwood stands out moreso than in any of the others I tried. Balanced, sweet, herbal and floral. Very enjoyable.

Absinthe Exitus

By Cloud, Added on the : 18/08/2020

This absinthe is 100% the green!!! Your more or less a true hill trumpet if you try this straight but the smoothness with a cocktail is original lepezel. Go green has more of a after effective flavor to leave your taste buds lugzs enjoy until you pass out.!!!!