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Absinthe Jade 1901

By Jake, Added on the : 21/03/2019

Wow, this is just it. I had a few different bottles to taste, me and all of my mates simply said 1901 was the best of them all. Thick and rich texture, super oily, provides a wonderful louche effect, taste is just what you would expect, full, round, pungent and refined. Lots of grassy absinthe notes and mild-thick aniseed. Vivid olive green hue with thick louche, intense aromatic experience, to be sipped slowly, intensely aromatic, super smooth, on the connoisseur side, extremely refined and rewaring. Delicious.

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By Jake, Added on the : 21/03/2019

This one is quite simple and relatively cheap, yet fairly strong. A good beginner's one, i think. Fairly thick, this has the peculiar quality of being already sweet, so it goes well just with water without any further sugar to be added. Provides a more than decent experience, though it's not a much refined one. Great value nonetheless, just don't expect wonders if you're an expertised absinthe taster.

Absinthe Antitoxin

By Nice tasting, Strong absinthe, Cool bottle, Added on the : 20/03/2019

This was the first Absinthe iv'e had and it was very nice tasting, i enjoyed this absinthe and will be buying it again. fast shipping to the USA and even came with a small free gift. THANK YOU!!

Bitters Angostura Aromatic Bitters

By Ashlock, Added on the : 16/03/2019

Thank-you for sharing that great History Lesson about Angostura Bitters, Very Interesting!

Absinthe La Valote Bovet - Le Chat

By Colorado Springs Absintheur, Added on the : 09/03/2019

A first-rate basic blanche with a wonderful wormwood bite. The flavor profile is simple, even among blanches, but very satisfying. It's one of the absinthes I keep around.