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Absinthe Fountain Royal "Pearl" - 4 taps

By Beautiful piece, Added on the : 20/09/2019

I love this fountain! Doesn’t look exactly like the photo, but it’s beautifully made glass! Very well made.

Set La Maison Fontaine

By Leif, Added on the : 17/09/2019

This set is fantastic. Both the Green and Clear Absinthes are delicious, but that Chocolate is the clear standout. Just pour it straight on the rocks and sip, very refreshing. This set is on my short list for reorder.

Absinthe Pierrot

By Solanaceae, Added on the : 11/09/2019

Another tasty absinthe from Devoille. In terms of flavour it could be considered a more restrained sibling of Devoilles 'Abel Bresson'. A good choise if you'd like to try an absinthe with a slightly bolder medicinal character without the risk of being overpowered by it. Will buy again.

Absinthe Lucid

By Krana, Added on the : 07/09/2019

A solid absinthe, potent yet refreshing. One I always find myself returning to.

Chartreuse Jaune

By Batman, Added on the : 07/09/2019

This is so tasty and so smooth, I drank it straight. I usually have to mix or water down liquor with this high of alcohol content.