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Absinthe Dubied - Zufanek 1798

By Beatrice VonPage, Added on the : 24/05/2020

Early awaiting the next batch! Please update with an estimate on a possible restock

Absinthe Antitoxin

By Black Girl, Added on the : 20/05/2020

I just tried this with my grandmother and yea it taste good, very green apple-ish, and I like the burning sensation.

Absinthe Vivide - 2nd edition

By tphazard, Added on the : 19/05/2020

I drink my absinthe by the shot with equal parts ice in a large wine glass and never add sugar. As the ice melts and the louche forms, I sniff the vapors and get intoxicated by the smells; this makes it two drinks in one. This absinthe was heavy on the vapors with lots of smells, very intoxicating, but required more ice to get a louche to form. Without the additional ice, the liquid was on the harsh side, but still enjoyable. I have been enjoying this absinthe and would definitely put it on my list to buy again.

Gin Rubus Gin

By tphazard, Added on the : 18/05/2020

We had the Rubus, IRIS Schwarzwald, and the Kalevala at the same time as part of a gin tasting; unfortunately, no one kept notes, but all were liked for different reasons. Drank them mostly over ice, sipped straight, or a little bit of tonic, but to get the most of each, light on the tonic or just with ice.

Set Absinthe Party

By SUNDANCE, Added on the : 16/05/2020

I have to have this it is the epitome of a full dry bar