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Eau-de-Vie Le Coeur de Jade

By Billlee2330, Added on the : 17/07/2019

Superb! This reminds me why Jade is such a great brand of absinthe. It continues the tradition of unequaled quality. If you liked the other types of Jade absinthe, than this will surely not disappoint your taste buds.


Absinthe Grön Opal

By By far my favorite!, Added on the : 16/07/2019

I have tried many. None compare to Gron Opal. I have yet to find ONE I prefer over it.


Absinthe Dripper See-Saw / B STOCK

By Tmkviolin, Added on the : 15/07/2019

So cute,,,,loved watching the seesaw quite relaxing to watch it mix with absinthe!

Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier - High Quality

By Tmkviolin, Added on the : 15/07/2019

Classy and perfect for drinking a delicious glass of absinthe!

Absinthe La Grenouille

By Billlee2330, Added on the : 11/07/2019

I absolutely loved this!! I did think it was not your average absinthe, but thats what's so great. Spicy, lemon balm, citrus, hints of black pepper. It has a beautiful louche, bright milky white, with just a bit of green luminescence. Very little aniseed, but that is just fine in thise case. A special little absinthe.