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Gin Kyrö Distillery - Napue Finnish Rye Gin

By Jon, Added on the : 09/10/2019

Exceeded expectations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absinthe Enigma Verte - Verte de Fougerolles

By Billlee2330 Casey M., Added on the : 03/10/2019

This has been a favorite of mine since before they changed the name to "Enigma". It's probably my favorite absinthe that is not among the Jade line of absinthes. It has a very bold complex nose. The taste is equally complex, with many herbs and spices evident but no single one of them stands out in an obvious or overpowering way. Perfectly balanced. Louche is beautifuly opalescent and creamy. I highly recommend this, it is a great Jade type absinthe without the high price.

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By herk6461, Added on the : 27/09/2019

cool little bottle which can be used as a flask. The flavor is outstanding probably one of my favorites. I love shopping here very good prices very quick delivery. They really do care about the customer.


Whisky NIKKA from the barrel

By Laura-Ann Chin, Added on the : 26/09/2019

Thank you so much for delivering as promise! What a fantastic bottle with so much character. I appreciate the professionalism and follow up and looking forward to buying more as gifts in the future. It's a shame that this is not sold in stores in the US. Could we work on more affordable shipping in the future if I were to buy in larger quantities say 4-5 each time? Thank you!

Vermouth Otto’s Athens Vermouth

By darkend_163, Added on the : 25/09/2019

It is a beautiful, unique and high quality vermouth.

It tastes like very good Italian vermouth with addition of special Greek herbs. Very tasty, strong, good balanced. It has lots of citrus. Notes of rose pedals are not strong but just in the right place making this vermouths color and profile unique.