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Absinthe Mata Hari

By GreenDemon, Added on the : 11/11/2019

Delicious taste; not overly bitter. Long, smooth finish. Pleasant on the nose. Will purchase again.

Absinthe La Valote Martin Nirvana

By froodian, Added on the : 11/11/2019

This absinthe is very fine - merely watching the oils swirl and the louche form as the water drops in is a great joy. The nose is sweet and buttery, and the mouth is complex, with lemon balm making a stronger appearance than anise, though the anise and fennel are clearly present in the mix. The mouth the numbing is excellent, and lingers long after the spirit has passed the throat. I performed the dilution by tap water, but next time around I’ll buy a nice bottled spring water, the flavors are so strong but also so delicate and rich I feel this effort will be rewarded.

Absinthe Gustave 72%

By WhiskyDrinker, Added on the : 06/11/2019

Amazing - very happy with my first foray into serious old-school absinthe. Complex, challenging and interesting.

Jigger bar measure

By WhiskyDrinker, Added on the : 06/11/2019

Great quality - feels like a premium product and looks good.

Absinthe Bairnsfather Bitter

By SPARECHANGE, Added on the : 31/10/2019

3 "double" shots, is a perfect buzz. 4, or more and it's blackout city: one is just as likely to get lucky, as get in a fight. regardless, a great time. every bottle has a story. sometimes, your ocifer du jour, will, too. great for fight clubs, temporary amnesia... that sorta thing. we've tried many brands, from many countries. this one's our fav, though there is something to be said for the ulex house's unlisted 300+mg... unlabled, rocket fuel! it's a shame this site doesn't put it on sale, but a couple times a year. I'd have ordered my seasonal 6 bottles, by now, if I'd seen, or heard of a deal on em, by now. looks like i won't be gettin em, for xmas, due to this... we'll see. just not worth my time to hunt for some "easter thing" ,AGAIN.