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Absinthe Angélique Verte Suisse

By Bendzak, Added on the : 25/07/2017

Outstanding traditional absinthe. Not for beginners aromatic and powerful. Our of my rite Swiss absinthe from one of the greatest absiebthers of today well worth the extra change

Absinthe Bairnsfather Bitter

By Bendzak, Added on the : 25/07/2017

Good flavor for beginner and expert alike. An unique flavor very refreshing but do not underestimate. Is till a bitterspiritlouche and the effects are wonderful.

Absinthe La Maison Fontaine Verte

By Zorro, Added on the : 15/07/2017

The world of Absinthe is a new world for me, but I am a so called super taster. Unfortunately I am not so fond of bitter. And I prefer made as natural as possible. I used 1/3 part La Maison Fontaine Verte, and 2/3 parts water and two sugar cubes. This one makes me want to taste more. I hope the absinthe I will drink i the future is as good as this one. Love it!

Absinthe Soixante Cinq

By Shanty Doc, Added on the : 13/07/2017

Amazing anise aroma to this bottle! This is one of the most unique absinthes I've tried. Hints of fruit with that classic Devoille wormwood taste! Very pleasant wine base gives this stuff a soothing mouth feel. Will definitely buy this again. Sante!


Absinthe Apocalypse

By Dan, Added on the : 11/07/2017

Very satisfied. High rating with all products ordered.

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