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Absinthe Sugar Tong - Sterling Silver

By shandy, Added on the : 24/06/2018

This item is usable and not too delicate. I brought this and one grill and two silver spoons from this collection to an absinthe salon. The proprietor photographed the spoons and grille but didn't think to include the tongs in the photograph, even when prompted.
Perhaps purchase this after you have the spoons you really want.

Absinthe Spoon Pan Grille Sterling Silver

By shandy, Added on the : 24/06/2018

I have 4 stirling silver items now and a 5th on the way. Collecting one per year makes this become affordable. This Gothic Grille makes the collection, along with the elephant, into a 'bestiary' of absinthe tools. I collect these finer absinthe tools for the theatre and the indulgence of the guest. This is a great item, and surprisingly weighty. The detail is superb. Sits reasonably straight on most glasses.


Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

By Shaggin DJ, Added on the : 22/06/2018

This has got to be my favorite absithe to date! Smooth, tasty and not too strong on the anise, it is a wonderfully balanced treat!! I am not even half way through my first bottle, and I already have another on the way. This will be a staple in my cabinet!

Liqueur Vecchio Amaro Del Capo

By Volare, Added on the : 21/06/2018

Excellent service.
The liquor is my favorite and not carried by all stores, ordering from you was the most efficient way to get it.


Absinthe Jade Esprit Edouard

By P&G, Added on the : 21/06/2018

Brilliant deep Jade-strong herbal notes with pallette wanting more after the first taste.