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Absinthe Gustave - barrel-aged

By John, Added on the : 22/02/2019

Smooth and excellent after dinner drink. I would recommend to others.

Armagnac Darroze - Les Grands Assemblages 12 ans d'age

By Haredawg, Added on the : 22/02/2019

It's very difficult to find an Armagnac locally. Not only did you have abroad selection but, too, this particular bottle. I haven't had a lot of armagnacs in my life, but this is surely the finest.

Absinthe des Chats

By Debra, Added on the : 15/02/2019

Louches beautifully. Nice to look at, lovely taste. I like it!

Set Blanche Neige & Tarragona Glass and Dripper & Sugar

By Debra, Added on the : 15/02/2019

Nice gift. But then this is one of my favorite absinthes, so I kept it for myself. I don't use the sugar cubes in absinthe, but they're sure nice for using in my tea!

Absinthe La Valote Bovet - Le Chat

By Debra, Added on the : 15/02/2019

One of my favorites. Smooth taste, flavorful. But then, I'm a cat lover!