Absenta Argenti, Barcelona c. 1960s - 1L

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Argenti is one of the better known Spanish absinthes of the 20th century, bottles having been discovered from as early as the 1930s.

Absinthe Expert Markus Hartsmar's review (from Absinthe.se):

"Tasting it neat was another surprise, at first it presents rather subtle, herbal characters and then after a short while the wormwood bitterness appears way back on the tongue, and then slowly disappears."

"The character of the diluted Argenti isn't quite that of a floral drink, like some others, but rather herbal. I only diluted it about 1:2 parts, a little more, and it turned out really nice."

"It's a very interesting, rather special, drink. Not at all like the typical Spanish fare. That makes this one unique(...). I'd put it in a league of it's own, and I really really like it.”
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