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Abisinthe Amer 72 is a perfumed absinthe, powerful and full of aniseed flavours.
Ideal for an initiation to strong sensations.

Abisinthe Amer 72 won a bronze medal a the 2004 Concours International des Eaux de Vie de Fruits in Metz (International Contest of Fruit Brandies)

The ancient recipe of this sugarless absinthe is obtained especially by distillation of a mixture of green anise and wormwood. However, many other plants, finely selected, are also part of its composition: star anise, fennel, gentian or even mugwort.
Abisinthe Amer 72's natural colour is obtained by infusion of plants.

Discover our tasting notes of Abisinthe Amer 72 here.

 Probably the most powerful aniseed absinthe !

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  • Capacity
  • Distillery
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  • Alcohol Content
    72% vol
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    1,152 kg
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  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    72% vol
  • Color :
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
    Bitter Spirit
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Peureux, 43 Avenue Claude Peureux, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
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Lemercier, France


The Lemercier family used to run a farm and distill Kirsch and Plum Brandy for mostly their own use, but for other people from around Fougerolles as well. After noticing the rising demand for their spirits, the family decided to found their own distillery in 1811. Nicolas started distilling absinthe around the same time, however, he had to stop during 1915 due to the worldwide ban of absinthe.


After finishing his business studies, Alain Aureggio, Desle'S grand-grandson, decided to take up the family business.

Lemercier's absinthes and liquors :

Their probably most popular absinthe is the Absinthe Abisinthe – available in a 72°, 72° Amer and a 45° version. These are classed as the ideal absinthe for people discovering this drink. Some more absinthes in the Lemercier product range are the Absinthe Coeur d'Absinthe double and triple distillation – two significant blanches! Furthermore, Lemercier distills several eau-de-vies and the Green Demon Absinthe.

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By herk6461

Added on the : 27/09/2019 English

cool little bottle which can be used as a flask. The flavor is outstanding probably one of my favorites. I love shopping here very good prices very quick delivery. They really do care about the customer.

By Detroit442

Added on the : 06/09/2019 English

Great Absinthe for a beginner or connoisseur. Outstanding service!

By Thanitoth

Added on the : 22/08/2019 English

My personal favorite Absinthe, affordable, beautifully made and all around a wonderful spirit. Just ordered my second bottle, can't wait to get it. Cheers!

By herk6461

Added on the : 15/08/2019 English

This drink is the smoothest tastiest absinthe that I've had so far I'd like to think of myself as a connoisseur of fine absinthe. When you buy it in the 20cl it has a pop top like grolsch beer. When you're done drinking it you can refill it and use it as a flask. This product has four and a half Stars and there's a good reason why great product great price.

By Het Masteen

Added on the : 08/06/2019 English

I was very surprised how good this one is. I pour a shot over four ice cubes, wait for half an hour or so, and my oh my is it good! This, along with the non Amer of the same bottling are great. Pay no mind about the price, it good!!!

By Jake

Added on the : 21/03/2019 English

This one is quite simple and relatively cheap, yet fairly strong. A good beginner's one, i think. Fairly thick, this has the peculiar quality of being already sweet, so it goes well just with water without any further sugar to be added. Provides a more than decent experience, though it's not a much refined one. Great value nonetheless, just don't expect wonders if you're an expertised absinthe taster.

By Early Adopter

Added on the : 31/10/2018 English

This absinthe does what it says on the tin. Rich flavour without any quirkiness, it's a good solid performer. Great in cocktails or in the traditional cordial fashion, it's worth having a bottle on hand. It is worth getting a little experimental with other absinthes but you'll find yourself coming back to this one.

By Ant

Added on the : 04/10/2018 English

On time, as described, tasted like Absinthe! Bought as a present for my girlfriend who wanted to try the Absinthe experience. Will buy again if we ever get through it.

By Herk64

Added on the : 20/05/2018 English

If your absinthe connoisseur this is a must-have. It's very smooth a little on the dry side but flavored nicely I give it a 5 out of 5

By Ameh

Added on the : 24/01/2018 English

Too anised for me. Seems more like an ouzo than an absinthe.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 65)

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