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Absinth'Love is an absinthe with character. It has a high potency level for a Swiss absinthe, and its design is... “love”.

It is produced in the same distillery as La P'tite absinthe.

Absinth'Love is distilled by an artisan in old clandestine stills. It is composed of various plants which have been finely selected from the Val-de-Travers.

This is what the distiller, Gaudentia Persoz says about her absinthe:

"Absinth'love 69 is an absinthe with a beautiful taste, slightly minty. It lingers on the palate, with a nice bouquet of different herbs. This absinthe has a unique balance between plants."
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Gaudentia Persoz, Suisse

Gaudentia one of the first female distillers. She is young, and passionate about absinthe, and distills with an historic recipe from 1898, that she found, along with a small alambic, when she and her husband purchased their house in Couvet, Switzerland.

The distillery is a member of the “Les Artisans de l'Absinthe” association – it's most popular absinthe: La P'tite. Gaudentia's husband Jean-Michel is responsible for Marketing and Sales of thei products, and together these two people form an unbeatable team.

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By Absinthomas

Added on the : 14/05/2016 German

Der Hauch von Minze in diesem Absinthe finde ich sehr erfrischend!

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