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Absinthe Apocalypse - 50cl

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Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
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Apocalyptic Absinthe. Memento Mori. Genuine absinthe in a skull shaped bottle!    Read the whole description

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The Absinthe Apocalypse is not only an outstanding design, it is also a high-quality absinthe!

The Absintherie Bourbonnaise has succeeded in creating a modern and stylish absinthe while respecting traditional techniques and ingredients. This is real absinthe.

The first high-quality spirit presented in a skull bottle was Crystal Head Vodka. Absinthe Apocalypse is much more interesting than a vodka could ever be though, with a rich variety of high quality herbs including the classic anise, grand wormwood and fennel.

It is delivered in an illustrated box that not only provides information about the absinthe traditional absinthe drinking ritual, but also offers an optimal way to keep the bottle protected from light.

This Absinthe captivates with its own character. An authentic Absinthe naturally colored, and distinguished by its subtle herbaceous notes. In terms of aroma and taste, lemon and peppermint are easily distinguishable.

The name Absinthe Apocalypse was inspired by a section of The Book of Revelation, also known as as The Apocalypse Of Saint John. Parts of Revelation Chapter 8 are also printed on the box of the bottle:

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
Revelation 8:10

And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.
Revelation 8:11

We'd like to thank Marc Thuillier for sharing his tasting notes:

Color: yellow-gold with green hues.

Louche: very pleasant to watch, turbulent, and 100% natural.

Aroma: lemon and anise come up front, leaving almost no room for the other herb.

Taste: it's all about freshness here, with the dominant citrusy notes, the well established and fruity green anise, and a final touch of (light) bitterness. Another summer absinthe! (see the Absinthe Française du Levant review).

Conclusion: it's very refreshing and pleasant, very smooth to drink (alcohol is almost unnoticeable), but while it's a top-quality absinthe, it's lacking a bit of balance between the various herbs in my opinion. Having said that, one bottle of the Française du Levant + one bottle of the Apocalypse and the summer season can start!

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  • Absinthes.com's note:

bourbonnaise Distillery

The Absintherie Bourbonnaise distillery opened its doors on May 17, 2011, just after the absinthe ban in France was lifted. The owner of the distillery mainly wanted to revive authentic absinthe recipes, and offer contract distillation to client's own recipes.

Absintherie Bourbonnaise was established by absintheur Phil Fumoux who, before becoming a distiller, used to collect and sell absinthe antiques. He created the ‘Frenchman' range of replica absinthe accessories. Due to the interesting scheme of contact-distilling, is is no surpise that this distillery carries a very broad range of absinthes – from absinthes made of historic French recipes, to modern, new absinthes using unique and new herbs, such as bison grass – the Bourbonnaise distillery covers it all.

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By Freek

Added on the : 17/03/2017

Quick delivery. Sturdy packaging. Perfect service.

By Walt

Added on the : 16/03/2017

I've bought this absinthe above all for its packaging, name and bottle and I didn't like to waste money with other artificially colored ones on the market.
I've found a GOOD green absinthe with a great note of lemon, but it might be better. More attention to the lemon quality is my personal suggestion! Anyhow 4 stars for the packaging (I'm a graphic designer)!


Added on the : 01/03/2017

Thanks so much! I received it very fast and everything was gret! I liked the little "mint" even that was included in the order! Very thoughtful! Thanks again!

By This Elixer of the gods is wonderful.

Added on the : 16/02/2017

I received my bottle of Absinthe Apocalypse quite a while after I ordered it, but nonetheless it is here. I enjoy the wonderful aroma and delightful taste of the Absinthe, and you can tell Thurmond is present from the black licorice like taste so it is not a fake. I didn't expect to get a free ritual spoon for free but you guys rock and are in predictable. I love it.

By Jesse

Added on the : 30/01/2017

They were great with their delivery. Everything came fast and well packaged.
There was only damage to the wax seal on the cap but its no big deal.
Very happy witb my order

By Dear esteemed dealer

Added on the : 24/01/2017

Very smooth with a great taste. It took longer to reach its destination but well worth the wait. Thank you dearly.

By Lestor

Added on the : 16/01/2017

eye catching bottle , freinds love the name ,
a good quality product for special occasions .

By P-Bell

Added on the : 09/11/2016

A great style bottle for a gift .

By tonianne

Added on the : 22/07/2016

I prefer the Swiss absinthes, my favorite being the complex Angelique. But I wanted to try a more "summer" citrusy variety. In that Apocalypse does measure up. The green tasting lemon is hard hitting quite effectively overpowering the herbs. I did notice a subtle after taste of hyssop. This darker green, yet natural color absinthe louches quite well.
In truth as soon as it hits the palate it is too citrus for my taste but it mellows out quite quickly. I almost think that it might be more acceptable in a summer cocktail than sipped straight. A thing that that would be an outrage to do to Angelique. This is not a complex or subtle absinthe but it was worth the price, but I will not buy it again.

By Great Stuff

Added on the : 30/04/2016

No reviews on this on yet, except for one person's shallow comment about liking the bottle.

Unfortunately that does not support the cause of the review. Enjoyable and quite different, this absinthe is definitely not complex but it does have its own unique flavor. If you are interested in trying a decent drinkable to say the least absinthe with strong lemon flavor, try this one out. Depending on your palate, it may or not be one on your reorder list. I happened to enjoy it to some degree, but find the more complex absinthes to be more interesting. But to sum it up yes, this is a bottle that is worth trying at least once. As far as the other skull shaped bottles offered on this sight that are clearly artificially colored and obnoxiously high proof, this seems to be the only one worth trying.

The French seem to make consistent quality stuff, so it is tough (although not impossible) to not recommend them.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 11)

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