Absinthe Armand Guy - 50cl

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This absinthe is named after the founder of the Guy Distillery, Armand Guy. The distillery‘ s current CEO, Pierre Guy, who is carrying on the family business in its fourth generation, has been eager to develop new, innovative absinthe products that think outside the box, and with Armand Guy absinthe, we think he succeeded!

Armand Guy is a green absinthe, offering a strong aniseed profile and just a hint of herbal complexity – characteristic for absinthes by Guy. A little less typical is the alcohol content, at 55,4% it‘s slightly higher than the usual Guy absinthe range. It was aged for five years in oak barrels, which created a beautiful balance in taste, and added a hint of oak and vanilla to the mix.

Prepare this absinthe traditionally with iced water, or neat over ice to enjoy its full aromas.

The Guy Distillery was founded in Pontarlier in 1880, and is one of the most renowned absinthe distilleries in both France and the rest of the world. Apart from absinthe, the distillery specializes in Anise and Pastis, which are easy to find on many supermarket or spirits shop shelves across France.
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    1,152 kg
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  • Alcohol Content :
    55.4% vol
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    DISTILLERIE ARMAND GUY, 49 rue des Lavaux, 25300 PONTARLIER, FR
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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Distillery Pierre Guy, France

Founded by Armand Guy, this absinthe distillery is the last family-owned business in Pontarlier, where four generations of distillers have practised their art since 1890.

In addition to absinthe and Pontarlier-Anis, the Guy distillery also produces traditional liqueurs, eaux-de-vie, aperitifs, and preserved fruits.

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