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This Absinthe was awarded the gold medal in the category Verte at the Absinthiades 2012!

Coming from the Emile Pernot distillery, the Authentique is an authentic absinthe, that was developed by Dominique Rousselet, Emile Pernot's stillmaster. Absinthe Authentique is a young, fresh and with more powerful than usual wormwood notes.

Colour: A clear, lively green.

Nose: Hints of Pontarlier wormwood merge nicely with anise and fennel.

Louche: The Authentique develops a lovely bright, white-green louche, which is neither too thick, not too thin.

Taste: The anise and fennel combined with the wormwood lead to a wonderfully rounded mouthfeel and balanced taste.

Finish: Refreshing!

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    65% vol
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    65% vol
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    Distillerie les Fils d'Emile Pernot, 8 Au Frambourg, 25300 La Cluse-et-Mijoux, FR
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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Emile Pernot, France

1899 :

the young Emile-Ferdinand Pernot, a native of the Fougerolles region, where he had trained as a distiller, joins the Parrot brothers and together they establish “Emile Pernot et Cie” located in Pontarlier. Emile-Ferdinand's son, Emile-Joseph (don't worry, none of their sons were called Emile-Emile even though they loved this first name), a survivor of the World War I trenches, later registers the famous name “Emile Pernot”.

2009 :

The distillery moves from the center of Pontarlier to the magnificent old Cousin Jeune building in La Cluse et Mijoux, at the foot of the Château de Joux, the very same building where the young Emile-Joseph Pernot learnt his trade a century earlier. And you know what? It was a pure coincidence – the building had been a post office and a fire station in the intervening years!

Absinthe distillation at Emile Pernot :

The two century-old copper alembics used by Emile Pernot for their absinthe distillations were made by the famous firm of Egrot in the early 1900s. They were especially designed and built for absinthe distillation, and they are the only stills of their kind in operation anywhere in the world. These stills allow the Pernot distillery to produce absinthes of exceptional quality according to methods unchanged for a century.

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By Northener

Added on the : 21/01/2019 English

Jolly good absinthe. Lovely balanced taste, not too heavy anise flavour. Strong wormwood. Elegant brownish green colour.
Satisfactory but not exceptional.

By Great Stuff

Added on the : 01/12/2016 English

According to many reports, previous batches of this absinthe appeared to be fantastic prior to new management taking over for EP. Now, sad to say a bottle I had ordered from the much awaited Authentique was barely drinkable without the use of sugar. It is unknown if this absinthe distillery will get their act together again into making fine products, but as of this point they have a long journey before that happens. Don't waste your money.

By elemile

Added on the : 04/11/2014 English

Quite nice indeed. Think of Un Emile but with much better body (wormwood and anise equally present, without being aggressive), improved louche and lasting numb finish.

As a personal curious note, I've experienced a stronger "drunk" feeling with this than with 68° absinthes; don't know what causes it, but it settles down soon enough and then the drink goes down smoothly with a relaxing effect.

By Hans in Gothenburg

Added on the : 04/09/2014 English

A nice traditional absinthe that I think has about all that it takes...

By Jean Lafitte

Added on the : 06/04/2014 English

Excellent Absinthe. This will spoil you after trying it. Very nicely organized profile with an excellent boquet!
Well done.

By Phoney

Added on the : 03/10/2013 English

A surprisingly mild, refined style of Pontarlier absinthe, but it's still fragrant and interesting, and also retains some sharp hyssopy flavour to stir up the mildness. I never really supposed mildening Pontarlier style could end up this well.

By stevorama

Added on the : 24/09/2013 English

Not much to say ...not a great emile pernot product...kind of ordinary....vieux pontarlier much better.

Note from Absinthes.com: Hello Steve, this is the first feedback we've had about Authentique that's less than glowing praise! Just wanted to say we were surprised, it's a very popular absinthe with pronounced wormwood aromas, and a favourite of the team. Hope it grows on you!

By Bump Ferret

Added on the : 21/08/2013 English

My mouth enjoyed a great surprise after trying this French treat. I liked the balance and the bite was something tempered by a pat of sugar.


Added on the : 28/03/2013 English

A good one, but not exceptional. Bitterness is not too strong (I like bitterness, strong wormwood taste), but still full of flavours, a bit sweet aftertaste.

By jade fairy

Added on the : 12/12/2012 English

So this is the first absinthe i am enjoying & might I say it is exquisite. the nose is well balanced with anise & has a strong but not overpowering wormwood taste. very refreshing finish that lingers a flavor of unsweetened liquorish on the tongue. I start to feel the effect very quickly with the first glass so do be aware. I give this Absinthe a thumbs up.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 15)

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