Absinthe Bairnsfather Extra Anise Bitter - 10cl

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Very herbaceous, the Bairnsfather Extra Anise Bitter is an entirely natural Czech absinthe.

It contains fennel, coriander, herbs and spices, but also some anise, which makes it different from the other Bairnsfather products even though the anise is light in taste.

The absinthe Bairnsfather Extra Anise Bitter is entirely handmade, from the maceration with alcohol and filtration, to the bottle filling and labeling. Its very green color is obtained naturally from a long maceration of herbs.

Very low in anise, very herbaceous, and very bitter, that's what our customers claims about the Bairnsfather Bitter.
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By sixthecat

Added on the : 06/12/2012 English

I agree with the other poster. The anise is so feint it is practically non-existent. Besides that this stuff is pretty foul. The 0,1L looks like it says oil. This stuff tastes like oil. I used to get Sebor absinthe from Bairnsfather back in 1999. I heard the Sebor distillery has gone down hill since then. Tasting this foul elixir is proof enough for me.

By Mari-AU-67

Added on the : 20/11/2012 English

Extra Anise?
Original anise level must have been in the negative as the "Extra Anise" has, literally, no anise flavour at all.
Seriously, pick up a bottle of bitters and be done with it. Give this a miss.
It is positively crude to label this Absinthe.
Little wonder 'igniting' has become popular with Czech sorts, as Bairnsfather 'Extra Anise' Bitter is good for nothing else.

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