Absinthe Black Fox - 70cl

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Absinthe Black Fox is a traditional Verte – made in Germany. What makes this Verte especially interesting, is the fact that after distillation, it's aged in an oak barrel for about six months. The wormwood twig found inside the bottle is a lovely decor and honours the plant that gives absinthe its distinct taste.

All herbs used to distill the Black Fox Absinthe are hand picked and carefully selected by experienced and skilled distillers in the Rhineland-Palatinate area of Germany.

Black Fox Absinthe is produced entirely natural, and there are no artificial ingredients or sugar added. It's amber colour is obtained from the colouration step right after distillation, and gets more intense the longer the absinthe is stored in the oak barrel.

Although the Black Fox Absinthe has a high alcohol content, we believe there is no need to prepare it with sugar.

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    72% vol
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    72% vol
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    Bitter Spirit
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    Fox Spirits, Franz-Kirrmeier-Str. 19, 67346 Speyer, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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By Artemis 13

Added on the : 02/04/2020 English

This one is a serious crowd pleaser. While it has all the right notes to please an absinthe lover, it also is mellowed out a touch by the oaking, which makes it easy to love for beginners as well. Lovely pearl blue louche. Can't beat the value for the price in my opinion.

By Beware of fake reviews

Added on the : 22/10/2019 English

As an avid absinthe drinker for nearly 20 years, I had been wanting to try this absinthe for quite some time out of curiosity. I thought MAYBE the reviews in addition, were also spot on. What a mistake I made. This is at the bottom of my list for good absinthe and was a complete waste of money to purchase. Almost no Anise in this one its just all bitterness and sharpness. Douse it with sugar and it is still nearly undrinkable. Don't believe me and think my review is fake? Fine, buy yourself a case and find out the hard way!

By DAx

Added on the : 10/04/2019 English

A buddy shared this with me and it might be one of my favorite absinthes at present time. Very evenly balanced, smooth, drinkable, and refreshing. 1 cube of sugar in an approximately 1:4 dilution made this a joy to drink (and drink we did). At this price point it will definitely be in my next order.

By Testman

Added on the : 08/02/2019 English

One of my favorites. Smooth and tasty with wonderful effects. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the finest Absinthes made. My bar will always be stocked with Absinthe Black Fox

By StrawHatBogger

Added on the : 08/04/2015 English

Probably my favorite absinthe so far. I love bourbon and this Absinthe has nice wood flavors due to the aging in oak barrels. The aging process is most likely the reason this absinthe is also so smooth, well as smooth as 72% can be. The anise flavor doesn't hang around forever like some absinthe's do but is still fairly strong.

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