Absinthe Black Head - 50cl

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Absinthe Black Head comes with a herbal aroma, and is a rarity in the range of fashionable absinthes. Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - the unusual shape of its bottle, and its dark colour, make it a true eye-catcher.

It gets its deep, black colour through the use of caramel colour. This absinthe promises a unique experience. The Absinthe Black Head can also be used for cocktails taking advantage of its unusual dark colour. Its interesting bottle makes it ideal as a surprise for any party or gathering with friends.
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  • Capacity :
  • Shipping Weight :
    1,152 kg
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    55% vol
  • Color :
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
    Bitter Spirit
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Fox Spirits, Franz-Kirrmeier-Str. 19, 67346 Speyer, DE
  • Artificial Colours :
    Contains artificial colouring
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
  • Production Method :
  • Anise taste :
  • Stopper :
  • Product Type :

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By Jackie

Added on the : 26/11/2018 English

Arrived quickly with no damage or issues. Thank you!

By Blackhead absinthe

Added on the : 08/08/2018 English

Havent tried it yet but shipping was fast and customer ssrvice was efficient and friendly. The bottle is a cool skull and im looking forward to tasting it.

By Moonlight

Added on the : 14/03/2018 English

Was a huge hit at my party. My quest at first were hesitant and then they took the leap...

By Bully

Added on the : 18/01/2018 English

kan ik niet veel over vertellen heb hem nog niet geproefd komt wel

By Goooooooood

Added on the : 30/10/2017 English

Very different skeleton head bottle makes for a good talking point

By Ron

Added on the : 10/07/2017 English

Can't say much at this time. I've not opened the bottle yet. I'm saving it for guests. I've plans for this bottle...!

By From Kevin

Added on the : 07/07/2017 English

Smells and taste to much jagermister and doesnt get me drunk after 3 shots. Not as good as i hoped for

By Northern-Regius

Added on the : 02/03/2015 English

Absinthe Black Head aka Hamlet Hardcore Black- At 80% alcohol & high levels of Wormwood the only thing light on this blend is the Anise. Not every good Absinthe is a 5, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying.

I am, to a fault, a fan of the strong blends. This blend will grab you HARD even when louched, the kick is there. I can't imagine doing this as a shot, I'm just not that masochistic. Hamlet is a great drink for using in the new & ever-growing list of mixed drinks that call for Absinthe in their mix. It blends well & delivers- with all of it's razor-sharp edges intact.

By collector

Added on the : 23/09/2014 English

Completely awesome to add to my collection! Love it!

By Skulldigger

Added on the : 23/09/2013 English

Great product. Great service. Way faster than I would have believed. I'll be back.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 11)

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