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Cornix is the Latin name of the crow and raven family, highly intelligent birds who have evolved beautiful matt black feathers and elegant streamlined forms. The makers of Cornix drew their inspiration from these striking creatures when creating their design.

Developed by Ünsal and Grunenberg, two friends with a shared passion for absinthe, Corvus is distilled in Swabia, southern Germany, in the Feller distillery, which has a history going back to 1820. Corvus is then bottled by Ünsal and Grunenberg themselves by hand in Munich, Bavaria, allowing them to ensure the quality is kept to the highest possible standard. Each year only a small charge of Corvus is distilled.

Corvus Absinth is distilled using traditional methods in a copper alembic, and coloured using natural herbs, following which the absinthe is carefully filtered. The resulting flavour is fresh, accented by lemon balm (melissa) and mint. An earthy aroma reminiscent of gentian is also a unique characteristic of Corvus. Overall it is well balanced and rounded off by soft anise.

Corvus is perfect for the traditional absinthe ritual, and also as a cocktail ingredient.

Here is Ünsal and Grunenberg's tip for a long drink, the Cornix Mate: Add a measure of Corvus to a tall glass and top up with Club Mate, or another Yerba-Mate based sparkling soft drink. Garnish with mint.
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    65% vol
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    65% vol
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    Brennerei Feller KG, Ziegelstr. 4, 89165 Regglisweiler, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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By DeSade

Added on the : 31/03/2017 English

Very light, nice louche, herbal/cool/minty/liquericy aftertaste. My first real absinthe. Sante!

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