Absinthe de Vichy - 50cl

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Staying true to the precise original recipe, Absinthe de Vichy contains some very exotic botanicals alongside the original absinthe trio of wormwood, anise and fennel.

Among these exotic plants are subtle quantities of sassafras, and of mace, lemon and cinnamon. The classic coriander, angelica, liquorice and verbena also make an appearance.

Its distiller, Philippe Fumoux, says that this is a light and refreshing absinthe, “perfect for a spa town like Vichy”, where this absinthe is distilled, where its name comes from!

Unique, and due to its light anise, an ideal for beginners while remaining an authentic and respectable introduction to the world of absinthe. The interesting botanicals will appeal to more experienced absinthe drinkers as well.

We are the only major absinthe shop where you can get Absinthe de Vichy. Definitely worth a try.
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    1,2 kg
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  • Alcohol Content :
    45% vol
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    Muse de France, 40 Rue Mounin, 03200 Vichy, FR
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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Bourbonnaise Distillery, France

The Absintherie Bourbonnaise distillery opened its doors on May 17, 2011, just after the absinthe ban in France was lifted. The owner of the distillery mainly wanted to revive authentic absinthe recipes, and offer contract distillation to client's own recipes. Absintherie Bourbonnaise was established by absintheur Phil Fumoux who, before becoming a distiller, used to collect and sell absinthe antiques. He created the ‘Frenchman' range of replica absinthe accessories. Due to the interesting scheme of contact-distilling, is is no surpise that this distillery carries a very broad range of absinthes – from absinthes made of historic French recipes, to modern, new absinthes using unique and new herbs, such as bison grass – the Bourbonnaise distillery covers it all.

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By J from ala USA

Added on the : 14/09/2012 English

This ones definitely for the beginners. Very light anise flavor. Will not cloud as much as the more expensive bottles.

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