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Absinthe Dripper Glass - High Quality

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This absinthe dripper made of glass will be ideal to let fresh water slowly cloud your absinthe. Moreover, it was mouth blown and hand cut.

Its dimensions make it fit on a majority of absinthe glasses.
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  • Material
  • Diameter at top
    10,5 cm
  • Diameter at base
    6,5 cm

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  • Shipping Weight :
    576,00 g
  • Material :
  • Diameter at top :
    10,5 cm
  • Diameter at base :
    6,5 cm

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Added on the : 27/04/2018 English

Good quality, however it does not actually drip, it gives a tiny little stream of water.

By Quality Experience

Added on the : 13/03/2018 English

The team behind the order was very responsive and the order came all neatly packed and very well taken care of. No delays on the order and a lovely note to follow.

Overall a very high quality product, experience and team. Thank you!


Added on the : 04/01/2018 English

A well made brouilleur and excellent value for the price. I do not class this as a negative however this brouilleur is larger than normal and sits very well on my antique East Glasses, and Pontarlier glasses, but the internal rim is too big for the likes of Egg or Swirls glasses. The internal rim is 80 mm so if your glass has a bowl of less than 80 mm you may wish to think before purchase as it will not sit neatly on your glass.

By Vesa

Added on the : 17/05/2013 English

Sturdy dripper, good craftmanship. Unfortunately the diameter at the base is slighty bigger than the 6,5cm (more like 7,5cm), so it doesn't fit all my glasses that well. Can still be used with, for example Absinthe Glass Pontarlier II, but gets crooked.

By Perfect

Added on the : 04/05/2013 English

This little addition to my collection fits perfectly and the quality is good.

By Mr.Selfdestruct

Added on the : 03/05/2013 English

This is really cool and works great.
I recommend this if you cant afford a fountain.

By Satisfied Customer

Added on the : 03/05/2013 English

It is a "high quality" dripper glass and well worth the money; works much better than the spoon. I will be using it at a party soon and will let you know how it is received by the masses. Thanks for your customer service.

By chris

Added on the : 29/03/2013 English

Fits all of my glasses, nice and thick, works like a dream!

By Toby

Added on the : 27/03/2013 English

The design is very nice and it fits on any glass due to the curved underside of the item.

By double D

Added on the : 15/05/2012 English

The dripper is top notch and a near necessity for the proper "drip". Now, if I only could find absinthe glasses in the Phoenix metro area!

Results 1 to 10  (out of 12)

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