Absinthe Dripper See-Saw

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This Absinthe Dripper is a reproduction of the famous Cusenier „auto-verseur“ dripper made at the end of the 19th century. Its see-saw system enables up to two glasses to be filled up at the same time, by placing just two of its feet onto a rim of each glass.

A wonderful item and definitely soothing to watch it prepare your absinthe glass for you.
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  • Height
    12 cm
  • Material
    Stainless steel

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    576,00 g
  • Height :
    12 cm
  • Material :
    Stainless steel
  • Product Type :
    Absinthe Dripper

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By SteveJUK

Added on the : 10/01/2020 English

Been on the look out for one of these for ages. US ones were exorbitantly priced even before shipping.

Needs an occasional tap towards the end but is a real talking point and provides a great louche

By Andy

Added on the : 25/06/2019 English

The Dripper See-Saw is both beautiful and very helpful in adding water slowly but evenly. It's well designed and works perfectly with several glasses I have. It's also really fun. Thank you!

By VertigoVerte

Added on the : 24/05/2019 English

Beautiful piece of equipment, an absolute must have for serious collectors.

By aNovice

Added on the : 17/01/2019 English

Very fun, could be better aligned. I had to tweak the bends/angles of the mounting wires to get the see-saw dripper to teater and drip evenly

By Whiskydoc

Added on the : 29/08/2018 English

Excellent absinthe dripper. Now I can have a single measure without having to use my fabulous La Veritable absinthe fountain all the time. Not that using it is a chore!

By markom

Added on the : 17/01/2018 English

Excellent accessory for preparing absinthe and enjoyable to watch while it does its job.

By Zo

Added on the : 19/12/2017 English

Pretty, functional, and compact! I love this dripper.

By G Harvey

Added on the : 25/12/2016 English

Nice finish and looks great on top of a glass. Excellent accessory for an Absinthe fanatic.

By Lizzy

Added on the : 14/12/2016 English

Love this! We have an absinthe fountain but often only one of us wants to have absinthe, this is perfect for that.

By Janne

Added on the : 16/11/2016 English

This is truly a stunning aparatus for dripping water into your absinthe.
A real treat to watch it wiggle back and forth.
The design is amazingly beautiful and nicely done, and it fits perfect on all my glasses.
A bit on the expensive side for a one glass dripper, but well worth the money.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 22)

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