Absinthe du Centenaire - 70cl

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All means have been employed to try and destroy the Green Fairy. But 100 years after the prohibition of absinthe, she is back with us, and thriving. The Devoille distillery are celebrating the renaissance of the Green Fairy with Absinthe du Centenaire.

A new recipe from the distillery Devoille that combines exceptionally exotic and rare varieties of wormwood grown in the grounds of the distillery. The ingredients include locally grown Artemisia afra, Artemisia absinthium, Artemisia pontica (Roman wormwood), hyssop, angelica, and lemon balm along with fennel, coriander seeds, and even more secret ingredients that the distillery refused to tell us!

The wormwood varieties grown by Devoille have been picked after the first frosts and snowfall, giving a special aromatic intensity to the botanicals used for distillation.

The Absinthe du Centenaire is characterized by its floral and herbaceous notes, the freshness of fennel and the unique notes given by rare varieties of wormwood.

The Absinthe du Centenaire won three medals:
- Best of Gourmet Selection 2015
- Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial of Bruxelles 2015
- Silver Medal at the concours des Epicures de l'Epicerie Fine 2016

We'd like to thank Marc Thuillier for sharing his tasting notes:

Color: clean olive-green.

Aroma before water: alcohol is quite strong at the beginning but herbs are coming through nicely after a few seconds.

Louche: very turbulent, very pleasant to watch. Once louched, the absinthe still shows olive-green hues.

Aroma after water: notes of fresh herbs, including wormwood, angelica and a bit of lemon zest towards the end.

Taste: incredibly balanced in mouth, a very harmonious cocktail of herbs, very complex, making it hard to discern one from another except from the up-front green anise.

Mouth-feel: the palate stays on lovely notes of anise and spring herbs with a spicy, yet smooth, background from the coriander.

Conclusion: fresh, delicate, complex, harmonious, and changing, one of the best 2015 absinthes!
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  • Capacity
  • Distillery
    Paul Devoille
  • Country of Origin
  • Alcohol Content
    68% vol
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    1,43 kg
  • Distillery :
    Paul Devoille
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    68% vol
  • Color :
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  • Description :
    Bitter Spirit
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Paul Devoille, 9 Rue des Moines Haut, 70220 Fougerolles, FR
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
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  • Stopper :
    Natural cork
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By I love it.

Added on the : 30/04/2020 English

I am a newcomer to Absinthe, was skeptical at trying it. Found this website, and loved how it was presented. The Absinthe Du Centenaire is wonderful. All my friends and family love watching it louche, and most of them love the taste. Will be buying more in the future.

By Demonweasel

Added on the : 01/05/2017 English

I've tried most of the top 20 absinthes on wormwood society at this point. This is one of the most balanced and pleasant to drink.

By Los Angeles Absinthe Lover

Added on the : 10/04/2016 English

Ordered a bottle last year and put it in storage. After couple months the bright green turned to a darker, more browned green. Now its been a year since the release so I've opened my bottle, and I read the other reviews as well. My opinion... there's something special about this absinthe!

It is so rich in green when you pour and so heavy in botanicals that to my experience the louche was a actually a bit slow and took more water to lighten, but it lightened to a rich green like I have never had before. I've ordered a few good bottles from this site and the taste in this one is very unique, but don't let it put you off.

After a bit of my glass and a few minutes to relax.... wham it hit me. The sensation is as unique as the flavor, and just as rich as the green. Enjoy the herbs and the alcohol, an excellent balance. Hoping to have more extra money soon to order one more of these, as well as another bottle of the Septente 7!

By elemile

Added on the : 04/06/2015 English

Not bad but, honestly, rather disappointing for a special edition absinthe. Certainly a more refined and complex version of Paul Devoille's characteristic taste but the louche suffered considerably, barely reaching Lemercier's levels of body and if there was something Paul Devoille didn't use to disappoint at was the louche (probably avoiding star anise at all didn't work all too good for them). It's ok as a one time experiment or for the sake of collecting but I don't see this making a mark in the full run.

By Georges Méliès

Added on the : 17/05/2015 English

A lovely and beautifully crafted absinthe. It is not a powerhouse yet it packs a lot of flavor. Beautiful peridot color, quick and vibrant louche, extremely fragrant aromas, and superbly balanced taste profile. Extremely complex and with a lovely, lingering aftertaste. Even the bottle and label are appealingly classic in presentation. I am sufficiently hooked that I've already ordered a few extra bottles. I think this will benefit from a couple of years of aging. First rate absinthe from a top producer.

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