Absinthe Eichelberger 60 Verte Organic - DE-ÖKO-037 - 50cl

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Eichelberger 60 Verte is characterized by the use of fresh wormwood, instead of dried plants.

The Eichelberger absinthes are all made from just high quality herbs. The Eichelberger 60 Verte is their first absinthe to be certified as an 'organic' absinthe, because it is made from herbs that are cultivated on an 100% natural eco-farm.
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    1,152 kg
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    60% vol
  • Color :
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Familie Wild, Taxöldern, Eichelberg 11, 92439 Bodenwöhr, DE
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Taxöldern / Bavaria
  • Anise taste :
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Eichelberger, Germany

The Eichelberger Distillery is located in the southeast of Germany, in the forested Bavarian region called “Oberpfälzer Seenland”. The distillery is a family business, and developed from a hobby to a serious enterprise. Dr. Lili and Rudi Wild, married for a long time, followed their dream and opened a small distillery.

It is quite modern, and capable of distilling just 30 liters at a time, but the couple always pay attention to the quality of their results. The Wilds are passionate advocates of fine liqueurs and eau-de-vies, and were enthusiastic when approached with the idea of making a ‘specialist's' absinthe under their distillery's name, which has now become the first modern, yet traditionally distilled German absinthe: The Absinthe Eichelberger.

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By Carlo

Added on the : 14/03/2016 English

Though I can't yet really put my finger on it, I feel that the use of non dried herbs makes it different from the other absinthes I routinely drink. It's mild and mellow. It's sweet by itself, making me use no sugar, and it is not too strongly anise flavoured. Bio certification is definitely a plus for me. It's definitely going to be a regular host in my home bar.

By Ben Forse

Added on the : 17/05/2015 English

The Eichelberger 60 Verte is a less alcoholic cousin of the 68 limitée (I awarded 4.5/5). It's major selling point is that it is all organic and uses only fresh herbs, and by that it means locally sourced, non dried herbs.

Colour, a light green with hues of amber. Very clear.

Progressive. Thick. Anise tails shoot down into the bottom of the glass, where they remain. It reminds me of looking over a hilly landscape, the morning mist still clinging to the grass. A deep green layer floats above the chaos of the louche below. A very subtle fragrant bouquet of wormwood notes seep into the room.

Long lasting, but mild. Nosing the glass, one doesn't get the usual explosion of smells. The wormwood notes carry very well, but everything else gets lost.

Flavour & Mouthfeel
Thin mouthfeel, no real creaminess to speak of. Wormwood dominated. Soft mint and fennel notes. Disappointingly in the process of sourcing local herbs, I feel that they have sacrificed too much here. Not to say it isn't pleasant in the slightest, but having already tried the 68 limitée, I was expecting to be taken on a much more complex journey of the taste buds. The flavours are simply not powerful enough (at least in the ratio of 1:4 to one cube that I tend to go for). The bitterness nice against the sugar, and the liquorish/fennel notes are present... But I want more of them.

Ahhh there is the anise, comes across vaguely in the distance. Otherwise, short. A pleasant burn remains. Quite a lot of dryness in the finish too.

The usual 1:4 and one cube ratio reviewed here. Would perhaps suggest holding back on the water making it more 1:3 and adding water from there to taste. The one sugar cube works well in 1:4

A slight disappointment for me here, but perhaps I was expecting it to be something it simply wasn't. It does describe itself as a mild absinthe on the back of the bottle, so to that end, it does well. A nice summer garden sipping absinthe, would be my final verdict, but perhaps not the drink for an absinther that prefers a challenging tasting experience. Would I keep one in my hypothetical celler? Yes, but its not coming out after a tough day.


By gsgzzlr

Added on the : 22/08/2013 English

First time trying absinthe. Tried it neat, anise taste was strong. Next tried it with 1-1 1/2 ratio water and 1/2-1 cube sugar, the taste was subtler, better. It does have a noticeable anise taste which to me places it more in a sipping after dinner drink or a night cap versus drinking with food. Liked the tingling, numbing sensation in my lips afterward.

By Cornell Mercer

Added on the : 26/07/2013 English

A very pleasant absinthe with a musky fruit flavour that is almost sherbert-like. It makes for easy drinking and is highly refreshing. Good value too.

By Top Quaity

Added on the : 05/07/2013 English

Smooth and wonderful. Scent had depths that continue to develop as the various flavours take their turns inside your mouth.

By Kverndokken

Added on the : 02/05/2012 English

This is one beautiful verte.
It has an aroma that fills the room at once when it begins to louche. The taste is full, and it lingers long in the mouth. I can really recommend it.

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