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Eichelberger 80 Brute is probably the best German “blanche” absinthe.

Despite of its high alcohol content, the taste of the Eichelberger 80 Brute is beautifully well balanced. All the Eichelberger absinthes are produced traditionally, with only quality herbs.

An absinthe that should definitely be discovered!
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Eichelberger, Germany

The Eichelberger Distillery is located in the southeast of Germany, in the forested Bavarian region called “Oberpfälzer Seenland”. The distillery is a family business, and developed from a hobby to a serious enterprise. Dr. Lili and Rudi Wild, married for a long time, followed their dream and opened a small distillery.

It is quite modern, and capable of distilling just 30 liters at a time, but the couple always pay attention to the quality of their results. The Wilds are passionate advocates of fine liqueurs and eau-de-vies, and were enthusiastic when approached with the idea of making a ‘specialist's' absinthe under their distillery's name, which has now become the first modern, yet traditionally distilled German absinthe: The Absinthe Eichelberger.

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Added on the : 04/10/2017 English

Un alcool de qualité excellente, même s'il est un peu cher. J'en commanderai à nouveau. Les articles m'ont toujours été livrés dans les délais et avec précaution.

By Usakampfswimmer

Added on the : 14/03/2017 English

True brute Blanche that Eichelberger is known for. A bit sweeter than the 68 yet with a stout octane that leaves only the brave or seasoned to venture into the multiple refills. A solid go to for those who enjoy a robust Blanche !

By Dirtchurner

Added on the : 25/01/2017 English

Like the rest on the Eichelberger line, an acquired strong flavor with a hint of sweetness known for with many blanches. Overall subtly smooth when enjoyed with just cold water in a 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 ratio.

By Storandelli

Added on the : 02/11/2016 English

Very complex. Very strong. I consider this an absinthe for "advanced users" ;)

By Assamoa

Added on the : 09/01/2014 English

Im completely statisfied with the shipping and with the product as well!
I can only recommend this vendor!

By Phoney

Added on the : 17/11/2011 English

Something amazingly clear and special. Delivers a unique, wormwoody-minty, candy-like, yet very natural connotation which I have found only in German absinthes so far, but it's at its best this time. No scent of alcohol even when undiluted. Very much saturated with oils, and gives an extremely silky finish.

By Gary

Added on the : 02/01/2010 English

Great louche and perfectly bitter for 2:1 mixture with sugar cube.

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