Absinthe Emeraude - 50cl

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A real jewel – the strongest green absinthe made by Willy Bovet in Switzerland.   Read the whole description

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The name Emeraude means emerald, which is the color of this absinthe from Willy Bovet.

Emeraude comes in a matt-black bottle with an especially noticeable detail: the green cat eyes that look directly at the viewer. On the back label, we can read “Un Bijou” which means 'a jewel' – and this is exactly what this absinthe is!

Willy Bovet presented this absinthe for the first time to the public at the Fête de l‘Absinthe 2017 when we also got the chance to taste it. The aroma is characterized by some slight notes of mint and chocolate. These notes harmonize wonderfully with the other herbs in a very round and creamy taste. All in all, this is a mellow Verte with a perfect balance of herbs.

With its 77%, this absinthe has (together with the Septante7) the highest alcohol content of all absinthes from Willy Bovet. The dark bottle offers perfect protection from light.

Willy Bovet, Switzerland

Willy Bovet is a former watchmaker from the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe. His distillery is in Môtiers, home to many distilleries before the absinthe prohibition in 1910.

Back before absinthe was legal, the (alleged) clandestine distiller Robert Bobillier, born 1911, wanted to pass on his knowledge to someone younger. Seeing Willy Bovet as his successor, he gave him his absinthe recipe and showed him how to make absinthe. Bovet then became a clandestine distiller himself. Once absinthe was legalised again, he was proud to find out nobody had suspected him!

Each step in the production of his absinthes is based upon old techniques and traditional procedures. This starts with the selection of herbs, followed by the drying and distillation. The distillation takes place using an alembic made by the late Roland Thonney, former maker of stills for clandestine distillers.

Willy Bovet uses 10 different aromatic plants for the production of his absinthes. Among these plants are grand wormwood, lemon balm, hyssop and peppermint. He even grows some of the plants in his own garden or buys them from local farmers.

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