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Absinthe in the Colonies

Pernod Fils (and some of its larger competitors such as Cusenier, Berger and Edouard Pernod) exported their absinthe worldwide. The French colonies – especially Algeria, Vietnam, Madagascar and Tahiti – were all significant markets, as were South American countries like Argentina and Chile.

Le Pêle-Mêle 1903.


Le Rire

Le Rire 1904

Le Rire 1904

Pernod Fils export destinations shown in the photograph : USA: New Orleans, San Francisco, Canada: Montreal, St Vincent, Port Elizabeth (alternatively: the town in South Africa) Argentina: Buenos Aires, Bolivia: Brazil: Sao Paulo, Bahia (Sao Salvador) Chile: Valparaiso, Punta Arenas, Magellanes, Antofagasta, French Guyana: Cayenne, Mexico: Vera Cruz, Peru: Iquitos, Uruguay: Montevideo, China: Shanghai, Tientsin, Vietnam (French Indochina): Saigon, Hanoi, Tourane, Haiphong, New Caledonia: Noumea, Tahiti: Congo: Brazzaville, Egypt: Port Said, Alexandria, Madagascar: Majunga, Tamatave, Mananjary, Vatomandry, Diego Suarez, Mali: Bamako Mozambique: Lourenço Marques Delagoa Bay, Senegal: St Louis, Kayes.

A balloon flight at the Colonial Exposiiton in Marseille advertising Absinthe Rivoire, a brand identified with French North Africa.

Leisure hours in the colonies…

Apéritifs in the Congo

Absinthe Rivoire in Casablanca.