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The Esmeralda Absinthe is distilled in Boveresse in the Val-de-Travers in Switzerland, by traditional craftsmanship. Esmeralda is the first “Verte” by Philippe Martin. This is a very interesting and unusual absinthe because the Swiss are actually viewed as being more typically successful in creating clear (“La Bleue”) types of absinthe. Are you out to taste the difference between a Verte from France and one from Switzerland?

This absinthe is made of different plants that are cultivated in the Val-de-Travers, such as wormwood, Roman wormwood, lemon balm and hyssop. The alcohol content is 72% volume – exceptionally high!

We recommend you to try this absinthe first without sugar, and then add according to taste and preference.

Absinthe Esmeralda was awarded the gold medal at the Distisuisse 2015-2016, at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2016 and at the Absinthiades 2017.

Discover the tasting notes of absinthe expert Marc Thuillier's here.
Louche Esmeralda
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    72% vol
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    RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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    Môtiers / Val-de-Travers
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La Valote Martin, Switzerland

The distillery of Philippe Martin is situated in Boveresse, in the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe and today home to some of the finest absinthe distilleries.

Philippe Martin distills his absinthes in an old house known to locals as La Maison des Chats, a centuries-old building decorated with stone sculptures of cats. Right opposite is the distillery's own garden, where most of the herbs used for Philippe’s absinthe is cultivated.

Philippe took over the distillery from his father Francis Martin in 2014, who distilled for 33 years during the time of the absinthe ban in Switzerland. When absinthe was re-legalized in 2005, Francis received a licence to produce absinthe legally.

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By Michael

Added on the : 06/07/2020 English

Really fantastic and balanced tasting Absinthe great for the first time Absinthe drinker. Not as green and one would hope for a "green" Absinthe but still fantastic!

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