Absinthe Espinaveld Verte - 50cl

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Absinthe Espinaveld is produced by a distillery of the same name, founded in Bavaria, Germany in 2015.

They use their own wormwood and 13 other, hand-picked herbs for the production of this absinthe. Among these herbs are coriander, cardamom and calamus root, which are then distilled with wheat alcohol. The green color is mainly obtained from roman wormwood.

The distillery produces only 50 litres of absinthe with each batch, using a traditional copper still.

The distiller, Mathias Barthel is a chemist and also produces fruit eau-de vies and gin. He inherited his distilling licence from his neighbour. Since the family has a herd of goats to maintain the landscape of their orchards, they decided to use the goat also as the logo of their distillery. The name of the distillery was the first documented name of their city Estenfeld where the absinthe is produced.

You can read Marc Thuillier's tasting notes at our blog.

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    1,05 kg
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    68% vol
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    Destillerie Espinaveld, Lengfelder Str. 12, 97230 Estenfeld, DE
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By Rob Thomas

Added on the : 19/02/2018 English

Fairly Mild on the Anise
Quite herbal with a lasting Wormwood finish
better with less water & no sugar but thats just my opinion.

By Dennis Klebe

Added on the : 10/02/2018 English

This one was a bit of a surprise. A well crafted absinthe, that gives the impression of a distiller with a few years of experience under his belt. But as the bottle stated, this was indeed "Edition no.1". Very fresh and herbal, somewhat mild on the anise, a slight sharpness that I assume to be a good amount of fennel seed. Very well balanced, fitting for what could be considered a "by the books" benchmark for new absinthe distillers. In my opinion, improvements could be made by using a wine alcohol base instead of the more neutral grain alcohol, and a bit of a bolder approach with the flavor profile, for as well crafted as this absinthe is, it's still lacking somewhat of an individual character. Overall, very impressive for a first commercial output, entirely recommended.

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