Absinthe Feline - 20cl

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Absinthe Feline is the second Absinthe produced by Kevin Nebel, in the historic building La Maison des Chats in Boveresse, which gives the absinthe its name.

This verte is very mild despite the high alcohol content of 72% and it has slight sweetness. Absinthe Feline is produced in very small quantities only. Kevin distills the absinthe in sync with the moon, once every 2 months.

All the tools and methods used are absolutely traditional and antique, down to the scales used to weigh the herbs. The absinthe is based on a recipe from 1880 and Kevin uses herbs from the Maison du Chat's own herb garden.

If you store this absinthe for a couple of months, it will develop a light almond taste and a nice sweetness.
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