Absinthe Fountain "Pearl" - 4 taps

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This fountain has a bowl-like glass reservoir. Made from just clear glass, this fountain is a lovely decoration for your absinthe bar.

  • Height under Tap
    21 cm
  • Composed of
  • Height
    42 cm
  • Tap material
    Plastic (metallic coating)

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  • Shipping Weight :
    5,8 kg
  • Height under Tap :
    21 cm
  • Composed of :
  • Height :
    42 cm
  • Tap material :
    Plastic (metallic coating)
  • Product Type :
    Absinthe Fountain

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By A night to remember, guaranteed.

Added on the : 24/09/2019 English

Perfect for night time get togethers, especially out on the back garden patio, mid summer nights after a barbecue, or after the pub / club. We love to use the British method, (otherwise known as the fire and ice method). I set my pearl fountain on a silver platter, with four lit tea lights in glass holders, at all four corners, illuminating the whole glass fountain with candle light. First I take the absinthe glasses out of the freezer, fill the fountain with ice and water, and bring the whole thing out at night, in the garden, on its silver platter, candles lit, then set the frozen glasses up, with saucers, spoons, and two sugar lumps each, then pour the absinthe through the sugar, and let each guest, set light to the absinthe soaked sugar, by holding the spoon over a tea light, setting the booze ablaze. At night, the effect is amazing to watch, the yellow glow of the candles, up lighting through the glass fountain and the ice, and the blue dancing flames in the night, its like watching a firework. Then once each flame burns out, each guest puts their glass under the ice drip, and watches the absinthe, change its colour slowly, from clear, to pale milky green. Lastly crunching down the burned sugar, stirring it in, giving it a final taste, of anise, crunchy white sugar crystals, and a hint of burnt caramel, similar to crème Brule. Awesome, and a real crowd puller, I recommend this pearl glass fountain.
This doesn't seem to harm the spoons or glasses either, no tarnishing of the metal, no cracking of the glasses anywhere. However?, placing this on a tray is essential, as this little bugger drips condensation, you'll need a tray. Otherwise?, a good night you'll remember forever, go for it, its great fun.

By Andy

Added on the : 13/02/2014 English

Beautiful but to top heavy! Could definetly use some more weight at the base

By Coeus

Added on the : 18/10/2013 English

Lovely fountain. Everyone is impressed, it looks beautiful. It is also easy to use and clean. I highly recommend it.

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