Absinthe Fountains

Fountains are the ideal way to perform the absinthe ritual, and create a uniquely special atmosphere when a few people sit around a table with a fountain, conversation flowing and occasionally leaning in to prepare another glass.

Absinthe fountains come with 1, 2, 4 or 6 taps, each one giving complete control over the water flow, from a steady stream to a gentle drip.

As useful as it is decorative, a fountain really conjures up the magical spirit of the absinthe world.
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A classic absinthe fountain with 4 high quality metal taps.

This elegant and classic absinthe fountain has 4 high quality brass taps. The fountain is the perfect choice to enjoy the traditional absinthe ritual together with your friends. Like all of our glass fountains, the classic fountain ...

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Royal Green Fairy – an elegant glass fountain with 4 metal taps.

With four metal absinthe fountain taps and the bluish-green stem, the absinthe fountain Royal Green Fairy is a true eye catcher in your collection of absinthe accessories. On top of the lid sits a little blue-green fairy. This fount ...

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Ingenious and elegant, an ideal choice for a party with friends!

With its striking hourglass shape, the unique feature of this fountain is its two separate reservoirs, one above the other. The lower reservoir is filled with water, which is continually refreshed and replenished by chilled water dripping from the melting ice above.

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