Absinthe Fragment Rouge - Saar Whisky - 5cl

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Red absinthes are fairly rare, because it is a challenge to both obtain and maintain a natural red color. This young distillery was founded in Saarbrücken, Germany in 2018 and offers an interesting range of red, clear and green absinthes.

Fragment Rouge Absinthe is macerated two times. The first maceration step extracts the common herbal aromas used to make absinthe. The second maceration takes place after the distillation and lasts up to six months! The distillers use cranberries, a little beetroot and hibiscus to obtain the Fragment Rouge Absinthes deep red color. Especially hibiscus is often used for the coloration of red absinthe.

Upon adding water, Fragment Rouge Absinthe turns almost entirely opaque and changes its color to a creamy beige with red tints. The taste of Fragment Absinthe is mostly sweet and herbal, dominated by wormwood and lemon balm. Cranberries and liquorice make this absinthe exceptionally sweet. Other herbs included in this recipe: star anise, green anise, peppermint, mint, citrus peel, hyssop, fennel, two types of wormwood, and angelica root.

All absinthes made at the SaarWhisky distillery are bottled at 68,3% abv. and are characterized by a rather minty profile.
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    1,05 kg
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    68.3% vol
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    SaarWhisky, Beethovenstraße 13, 66111 Saarbrücken, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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