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This absinthe is produced in the pure traditional way and will enchant both novices and confirmed absinthe drinkers.   Read the whole description

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François Guy is more aniseed than average and is produced in the pure traditional way, according to an ancient house recipe. This absinthe will enchant both novices and confirmed absinthe drinkers.

According to a recipe more than a century old, its colour is obtained entirely naturally from plants.
François Guy is produced from old methods of distillation guaranteeing the character of the traditional taste of absinthe. It is therefore no surprise that it won a prize three times in a row at the Absinthiades in Pontarlier.

A particular absinthe which merits being discovered!

Francois Guy received a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole (CGA) 2016 and 2017 in Paris. It was also awarded a gold medal at the Absinthiades 2015.

Discover Stefanie's tasting notes at our blog.

Distillery Pierre Guy, France

Founded by Armand Guy, this absinthe distillery is the last family-owned business in Pontarlier, where four generations of distillers have practised their art since 1890.

In addition to absinthe and Pontarlier-Anis, the Guy distillery also produces traditional liqueurs, eaux-de-vie, aperitifs, and preserved fruits.

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By JohnFromOz

Added on the : 22/02/2018

As a relative newcomer who has tasted only a few good absinthes and been trapped by a couple of imitations, pardon me if I keep my language simple! As a beginner I always cautiously dripped water through a sugar cube, not being very keen on strong bitterness. This absinthe had an intriguing aroma and taste, the anise clear but not overwhelming, and the sugar offset the bitterness. I detected what I would describe as an interesting earthy taste as well. I tried it without sugar to distract, and was glad I did. I found a blend of tastes, none ovewhelming. I also took it with a little less water (a half finger below the upper mark on a Pontarlier glass) and enjoyed that. If I'd more experience with other absinthes my star rating might have gone another way, but my three stars is cautious, and I considered four.

By Birdy

Added on the : 20/02/2018

My first Absinthe and I loved it ..I love that the anise is strong ..so much that I am buying again and I will continue to buy..

By hik47

Added on the : 07/09/2017

I like the taste of Absinthe François Guy and will certainly order this again.

By Hik47

Added on the : 10/07/2017

It is very good. Thank you for sending it to me on time.

By darkhorse

Added on the : 06/01/2017

I recommend getting two bottles of this stuff. The first time I tried it It made me think of a nice cold refreshing summer time drink I let others with better senses than myself discuss the louche nose and so on
I have a confession to make on certain other absinthes (nothing I have ever ordered from this website) I have gotten half way through the glass and had to dump the stuff down the sink. As I was unable to stand the alcoholic sting. This did not happen with this stuff . It was a very nice very refreshing beverage. As a result my 1 L bottle disappeared quickly. I honestly felt that this may have been the first time I said to myself oh so that is what absinthe is supposed to taste like.

By elemile

Added on the : 03/12/2014

Proper peridot color, though a bit pale.
Slightly weak louche; can hardly handle more than a 1:2 ratio without start decaying.
Pleasantly conservative but plain taste charged towards anise; barely any wormwood.
General watery mouth feel saved by a refreshing quality; tamed but present numb finish.

CONCLUSION: Less than intriguing but fair for its price; no scam at all here.
Don't dilute it too much and it can get you going alright.

By Georges Méliès

Added on the : 25/11/2014

A very soft, delicate absinthe, it still has pure and appealing flavors that make it a delight. Probably best suited for summertime, it is certainly the best of the lighter style absinthes I have tried, and I will definitely use this as an introductory experience for absinthe newcomers. It's by far the best such "beginner" absinthe I've had, and one which I can thoroughly enjoy at the same time --- even if I prefer those with heavier body and alcohol. When compared to its closest competitors, e.g. Lucid and Vieux Pontarlier, this is far more complex and interesting. A tremendous bargain for the price.

By Martin Wandering

Added on the : 09/01/2014

Really lovely, light verte, perfect for a go-to everyday absinthe or introducing new initiates. Excellent without sugar, and delicious through the range from minimal dilution to heavily watered.

By Shari

Added on the : 18/10/2013

First time absinthe drinkers enjoyed this beverage. It is extremely mild. I prefer something with a bolder flavour but, I would not be opposed to having some of this on hand for those that liked its mildness. Very smooth.

By Larrydev

Added on the : 26/09/2013

Nice louche, very light and refreshing, one of my favorites.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 29)

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