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The fairly young SaarWhisky distillery was founded in Saarbrücken, Germany in 2018. Their product range includes interesting red, clear and green absinthes.

Prince Wilhelm Heinrich Fürst von Saarbrücken - Nassau passed away in 1786. A wide range of herbs were used for his elaborate embalming ceremony. All of them are included in this absinthe recipe:

Grey santolina, camomile, coriander, lavender, privet, laurels, mint, rosemary, salvia, wormwood, sweet vernal grass, and hyssop.

Fürst von Absinthe is macerated two times. The first maceration step extracts the common herbal aromas used to make absinthe. The second maceration takes place after the distillation, and is more intense using a wide range of herbs for both a complex taste and in order to obtain its very dark green color.

Wormwood and fennel are the most dominant herbs here. Overall, the Fürst von Absinthe tastes fairly bitter, as many of the historic herbs used in this recipe are bitter or root-y ingredients. It turns almost completely opaque upon adding water. Since the Fürst von Absinthe is so complex, you could taste it with a little sugar.

All absinthes by the SaarWhisky distillery are bottled at 68,3% abv.
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    1,05 kg
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    68.3% vol
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    SaarWhisky, Beethovenstraße 13, 66111 Saarbrücken, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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By Jimbob

Added on the : 27/11/2019 English

Very good, a little perfume smelly but tasty. Louche was little weak

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