Absinthe Glass Bubble Reservoir

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Artisan-made in Europe, based on an original 1880s design. Exclusively made for Absinthes.com    Read the whole description

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  • Height : 18 cm
  • Reservoir : 3.5 cl

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Especially commissioned by Absinthes.com, the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass is a delight to behold.

We are incredibly proud how it has turned out, after almost a year of prototypes and improvements.

The Bubble Reservoir Glass was directly inspired by a glass in the collection of David Nathan Maister, renowned absinthe historian. This type of glass was relatively rare, even when it was most widely available in the 1880s and 1890s.

The bubble reservoir serves as a dose, to accurately pour the right amount of absinthe without needing a measure. Chilled water is then added as usual, usually three to five parts.

A pleasing weight in the hand, without being overly hefty. These glasses are hand made (blown by mouth) by the makers in Europe. The artisan process captures some tiny bubbles and imperfections in the glass, making for a seriously beautiful effect.

The bubble glass in use, Pernod Fils Tarragona vintage 1950s absinthe, and our exclusive reproduction vintage absinthe carafe.

  • Height :
    18 cm
  • Reservoir :
    3.5 cl
  • Capacity :
    37 cl

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