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Absinthe Glass Bubble Reservoir

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Rated 4.5/5 based on 27 customer reviews
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Artisan-made in Europe, based on an original 1880s design. Exclusively made for Absinthes.com    Read the whole description

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  • Height : 18 cm
  • Reservoir : 3.5 cl

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Especially commissioned by Absinthes.com, the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass is a delight to behold.

We are incredibly proud how it has turned out, after almost a year of prototypes and improvements.

The Bubble Reservoir Glass was directly inspired by a glass in the collection of David Nathan Maister, renowned absinthe historian. This type of glass was relatively rare, even when it was most widely available in the 1880s and 1890s.

The bubble reservoir serves as a dose, to accurately pour the right amount of absinthe without needing a measure. Chilled water is then added as usual, usually three to five parts.

A pleasing weight in the hand, without being overly hefty. These glasses are hand made (blown by mouth) by the makers in Europe. The artisan process captures some tiny bubbles and imperfections in the glass, making for a seriously beautiful effect.

The bubble glass in use, Pernod Fils Tarragona vintage 1950s absinthe, and our exclusive reproduction vintage absinthe carafe.

  • Height :
    18 cm
  • Reservoir :
    3.5 cl
  • Capacity :
    37 cl

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By Jordan

Added on the : 23/12/2016

I ordered one of these glasses a couple of weeks ago and sadly it arrived broken to their credit I was sent another immediately it arrived today and am very impressed with this glass I like the solid feel without being too chunky and watching the absinthe louche in the bubble is really quite a spectacle it's a show in its own right. its a very elegant piece and it helps diffuse the aromas of the drink very well. by far my favourite glass.im not looking forward to cleaning it though!!

By Lars jonlid

Added on the : 23/12/2016

Amazing glass, with a funny feature wich you´ll notice if you buy one !!!

By darkhorse

Added on the : 22/12/2016

very impressed with these glasses they where not as delicate as I thought which is a positive thing. I guess they wouldn't be if they where used in French saloons during the bell epoche. I love them. The only issue some might find really a bit minor is that if you use to much sugar you have to run tap water into the glass for quite some time until it dissolves As it is hard to get it out of the glass bubble at the bottom of the glass. Or put more absinthe in I guess.

By Jordan

Added on the : 14/12/2016

Really nice looking glass. Hefty in the hand love the craftsmanship have not been able to use as it arrived broken. But looks very promising. Was really looking forward to trying it out.

Comment from Absinthes.com: We're very sorry to hear about the broken glass. We'll send you a new one.

By Hans E

Added on the : 21/11/2016

A nice glass that makes mysterious louche-effects as well as interesting bubble-sounds! Try it!

By Robbie

Added on the : 16/10/2014

This has gone strait to my favorite glass for a number of reasons, its easy to get mixtures right, the weight and smooth large thickness around is lush to sip from (u nearly forget its there) As you sip the nice width lets in a lot of aroma to senses. Being hand made it has character!! Finally the louche, I was a bit unsure how that would go but my first words were "that is awesome!" it seems sort of louche upside down as the top layer colors the bottom continues to louche and being in the clear round reservoir it sort of magnifies the look. Cheers.

By Boudicca

Added on the : 01/03/2014

I am very impressed with this glass. I love the weight of it and the bubble in the bottom. It is quite easy to clean. If a weighty glass can be called elegant, then this one is it.

By Sweden

Added on the : 27/01/2014

Very nice hand made glasses! Thicker than the pictures and with good quality, just takes time to clean the reservoir.

By Jean Lafitte

Added on the : 18/01/2014

I loved this glass. It has a heft to it that you just don't expect. Extremely well built - very heavy. Worthy of the old bistros and cafes that required a thick, heavy glass.
I have read a few reviews that it is a bit difficult to clean because of the small hole leading into the doseur. However, just a bit of hot water or putting in the dishwasher eliminated residual soap in the reservoir.

It louches BEAUTIFULLY and slowly. Great glass!

By Connie

Added on the : 09/01/2014

I had bought another glass on Amazon but my husband & I both prefer this one. Now we'll have to fight over who gets to use it.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 27)

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