Absinthe Glass Bubble Reservoir

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Especially commissioned by Absinthes.com, the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass is a delight to behold. We are incredibly proud how it has turned out, after almost a year of prototypes and improvements. The Bubble Reservoir Glass was directly inspired by a glass in the collection of David Nathan Maister, renowned absinthe historian. This type of glass was relatively rare, even when it was most widely available in the 1880s and 1890s.
The bubble reservoir serves as a dose, to accurately pour the right amount of absinthe without needing a measure. Chilled water is then added as usual, usually three to five parts. A pleasing weight in the hand, without being overly hefty. These glasses are hand made (blown by mouth) by the makers in Europe. The artisan process captures some tiny bubbles and imperfections in the glass, making for a seriously beautiful effect.

The bubble glass in use, Pernod Fils Tarragona vintage 1950s absinthe, and our exclusive reproduction vintage absinthe carafe.

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  • Capacity
    37 cl
  • Height
    18 cm
  • Reservoir
    3.5 cl

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  • Shipping Weight :
    576,00 g
  • Capacity :
    37 cl
  • Height :
    18 cm
  • Reservoir :
    3.5 cl
  • Product Type :
    Absinthe Glass

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By tasminman

Added on the : 19/08/2018 English

fantastic glasses ,nice and thick glass and a great old fashioned look to them ,very weighty glass

By Claire

Added on the : 30/05/2018 English

What a beautiful glass! It's strange at first as the glass is quite thick compared to a run of the mill glass, but perfectly made. Watching the absinthe mix from the bottom was a real pleasure, almost as good as drinking it! Certainly worth the price, this is a little treasure to keep forever!

By Bubble reservoir

Added on the : 02/05/2018 English

I am happy to have this glass, but I find it hard to get the Absinth to mix properly in the glass. I must be doing something wrong, so I’ll keep at until I get it right. If you could give me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the experience.

By markom

Added on the : 17/01/2018 English

Very nice looking and robust glass. Just fill the bubble, pour the water and let the magic happen. Love it.

By theoman01

Added on the : 15/10/2017 English

Excellent quality,superfast shipping, a must have!!

By alkem

Added on the : 07/09/2017 English

Nice glass, looks to be well made, at least to it's purpose, and it doesn't leak.

By Pete C

Added on the : 04/09/2017 English

Excellent glasses. The great point is hand blown. You can actually pick a glass, due to the uniqueness. A very nice weight. A must for a great collection.

By Kalle

Added on the : 15/06/2017 English

A very nice and elegant glass! Every absintheur should have one in their collections.

By Olabandero

Added on the : 23/05/2017 English

Very charming glass with it's own distinct personality. I bought two of these and its easy to distinguish them from each other merely by looking at them. One has a slightly thicker rim than the other as they are blown individually. In my opinion this makes the glasses so much more charming than if they had been of the exact same dimensions. Highly recommended! Plus, there's some fun to be had when you start reaching the bottom of glass ;)

By Jordan

Added on the : 23/12/2016 English

I ordered one of these glasses a couple of weeks ago and sadly it arrived broken to their credit I was sent another immediately it arrived today and am very impressed with this glass I like the solid feel without being too chunky and watching the absinthe louche in the bubble is really quite a spectacle it's a show in its own right. its a very elegant piece and it helps diffuse the aromas of the drink very well. by far my favourite glass.im not looking forward to cleaning it though!!

Results 1 to 10  (out of 36)

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