Absinthe Glass Chalice Skull with Stem

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This glass really is a eye catcher on every party. It comes with the dangerous looking skull shape, similar to the style of Absinth Antitoxin, Red Chilli Head and Black Head, which come in a skull bottle. These Absinths and the Skull Chalice glass fit perfectly to each other.

This handmade glass is characterized by double-walled, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which means you can burn your absinthe or use this glass for the fire ritual without any concerns.

Lovers of other "dangerous" spirits, such as the VODCA, may find this glass a suitable accessory as well – the Skull Chalice glass is great for shots!

The most interesting effects however are caused by colourful spirits, for example red. This makes the skull shape stand out even more. Watch the skull appear from nowhere when you add water to a bit of absinthe inside the glass. The louche effect will make the skull appear like a deadly ghost.
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By Artist Paul

Added on the : 24/11/2018 English

Excellent quality glass chalice, thank you Stefanie.

By Great As A Halloween Decoration

Added on the : 03/11/2014 English

It's an awesome glass, especially if you love all things Halloween and like skulls but to actually drink absinthe out of this is just not at all that great. It's not big enough to enjoy a well deserved glass of your favorite absinthe. It's essentially a shot glass with a stem. So if you like skulls then by all means go for it but if you want to enjoy your drink then this glass will not do.

By might as well be a shot glass :(

Added on the : 22/07/2014 English

With this was bigger. Why is it so small? 70ml is only about 2.4oz. :( Most people aren't drinking straight shots, what about the sugar and water?

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