Absinthe Glasses

Helps you to select the perfect measure of absinthe.

As the most popular drink in Belle Epoque, absinthe had glasses especially designed for it. Absinthe glasses have a line or a reservoir to show the correct amount of absinthe to pour in. They come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, many of them wonderfully elegant. Most are tall, large enough for the appropriate quantity of water poured into the absinthe.

Here you can discover the glasses used in French café's during absinthe's heyday!
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This crystalline glass is hand blown. Its spherical shape allows your spirit to...

This crystalline glass is hand blown, and its spherical shape allows your wine or cognac to subtly circle around inside the glass, in order to evenly reveal its delicious aromas. Its shape especially supports an ideal development of the drink's bouquet. Enjoy your cognac or ...

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