Absinthe Green Velvet VAL. 340 - Fée Verte - 70cl

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Green Velvet VAL. 340 — Fée Verte is an absinthe distilled just as it has been for generations. It gets its distinctive tangy flavour and its glowing green colour from the
herbs of Jura and the spring water of Val-de-Travers. Aniseed, fennel and a dash of lemon balm cause Green Velvet VAL. 340 to softly melt in your mouth – elegant and herbal at the same time. It is traditionally enjoyed with iced spring water.

Colour: Tender bright lime green.

Louche: An authentic slow build up, which unexpectedly turns into a soft green dense fog.

Aroma: Wormwood, aniseed and coriander mixed with fruity spices.

Taste: Bitterly sweet wormwood, followed by a powerful symbiosis of aniseed and fruity herbs from the misty Val-de-Travers.

Finish: A spicy bittersweet combination, which yet leaves a pleasant velvet-smooth and sweet taste on the palate.

"Simply amazing!" - Armin Azadpour, Chef de Bar, Grande Zürich
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    1,6 kg
  • Distillery :
  • Brand :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    53% vol
  • Color :
  • Coloration :
  • Description :
    Bitter Spirit
  • Responsible Food Company :
    RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
  • Production Method :
  • City / Region :
    Couvet / Val-de-Travers
  • Anise taste :
  • Stopper :
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Gaudentia Persoz, Suisse

Gaudentia one of the first female distillers. She is young, and passionate about absinthe, and distills with an historic recipe from 1898, that she found, along with a small alambic, when she and her husband purchased their house in Couvet, Switzerland.

The distillery is a member of the “Les Artisans de l'Absinthe” association – it's most popular absinthe: La P'tite. Gaudentia's husband Jean-Michel is responsible for Marketing and Sales of thei products, and together these two people form an unbeatable team.

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By Delighted

Added on the : 05/08/2019 English

Absolutely marvelous absinthe! This spirit is truly a labor of love

By Alexander Symonds

Added on the : 16/04/2019 English

Thanks!! This is the very best Absinthe I've ever had!! I'll be coming back. You have a loyal customer now!!

By Jordon S.

Added on the : 22/01/2019 English

One of the better tasting absinthe I have bought so far, and very potent. The alcohol content could be another 5 - 10% higher as it was difficult to melt through the spoon properly. The card and gummy candies were a very nice personal touch to my order, a pleasant suprise.

Overall a good purchase.

By Jasinski

Added on the : 05/12/2018 English

Great quality Absinthe, great purchasing experience

By John Birmingham

Added on the : 19/04/2018 English

Woah, this was awesome! This was the tiny one or few shot bottle that was really good! I felt like it made me into a fairy man who wasn't gay but a fairy! I loved it!

By Shalom

Added on the : 05/04/2018 English

Calming Comforting Complete Arousing Sensations, Honorably Worth Enjoying, Hallelujah.

By KorunaSeeker

Added on the : 17/03/2017 English

Not the taste I was looking for, but definitely a fine absinthe. I have not been successful in reaching anyone at absinthes.com to find out how to look for the type of absinthe I seek. The brand I am looking for is Koruna, which is not available in the USA. Over the past month, I have purchased four different absinthe varieties from your web site. So far, nothing has come close to the taste of Koruna. Thank you for any help you can provide.

By absinthe swissi

Added on the : 12/04/2013 English

I had a drink at the launch party in zurich, it was just fantastic.
It is definitely one of the best absinthes I ever had.
I recommend this product, but you have to try it.

Werner Huber

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