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Absinthe Gustave harks back to absinthe's origins as a herbal elixir.

Resurrected from a late 18th century recipe, from around the time that absinthe was first commercialised and transformed from folk remedy to a beverage consumed for pleasure.

The recipe comes from our private archive. Naturally, the precise herb bill rests a secret, however it's difficult to resist sharing a few details with you:

- The recipe includes a generous quantity of wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), more than in the majority of modern absinthe.

- The other two essential absinthe ingredients are there too: fennel, and anise, contributing sweetness and roundness. The quality of these is essential for a successful absinthe.

- Many of the botanicals are somewhat unusual in modern absinthe: this includes calamus root, or sweet flag, which has been used throughout history in herbal medicine in cultures across the world. Calamus is even mentioned in the book of Exodus as an ingredient in holy anointing oil.

- Gustave is by no means a 'standard' modern absinthe. The sheer amount of botanicals used per litre of spirit make for an intense and concentrated flavour. Distinctive.

The result is herbal, earthy, and spicy; complex, yet smooth. Most importantly, Gustave pulls off this complexity without being overwhelming. It is an exceedingly enjoyable drink.

Natural colouring and ageing

The coloration is 100% natural, using four different herbs to give Gustave a green colour, from the chlorophyll found naturally in leaves. This bright green fades to what the French call a 'feuille morte' colour. That is, the colour of ‘dead leaves’, of toffee mixed with a vegetal green hue.

After colouring, we let Gustave rest for a minimum of three to six months before bottling. This is in line with what our absinthe-making forefathers were doing over a century ago, and is a step sadly missed by many modern absinthe makers. We believe in this case that the distillers of yore knew best: this prolonged aging period is indispensable, and lets the fresher, more harsh herbal notes from the colouring step mellow and merge with the other ingredients, giving a sublime smoothness to the final absinthe.

Gustave is bottled at 72% alcohol by volume, in line with the very finest vintage absinthe.

How to enjoy Gustave

Absinthe should always be mixed with water before drinking, to release the full bouquet of aromatic notes held within.

Pour a measure of Gustave (30ml or 1 fluid ounce) into an absinthe glass and add three to five parts chilled water, dripping slowly. If desired, to sweeten the absinthe, drip the water over a sugar cube placed on a slotted absinthe spoon.
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Paul Devoille, France


The distillery was founded by Xavier Devoille. His son, Paul Devoille, was very dedicated to developing the distillery, and worked hard on its growth. This is why up until this day, the distillery is named after him. Paul Devoille was a very important person in Fougerolles, he held the position of the major for many years.


Due to the bad financial position the distillery was in, Jaques Veillet, the new owner of the distillery, decided to sell it to an experienced business man, who already invested into a couple of other distilleries inside and outside on France. René Miscault bought the distillery, and made some rapid administrational changes. He also expanded their product range, and opened the distillery for visitors to the public. These measures may seem drastic, however, they saved the distillery in the end. Today, Hugues Miscault, the son of René Miscault, runs the distillery.

Paul Devoille's Absinthe:

Their probably most popular absinthes, apart from the Libertines, and the Enigma Verte and Enigma Blanche. Absinthe Soixante-Cinq is a pretty interesting absinthe as well, with a quite spicy smell combined with a fruityness from the wine-alcohol base. Certainly, there are a lot of other spirits produced at Paul Devoille, such as eau-de-vies and liqueurs. From plum to strawberry, you can find nearly all of the common flavours.

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By SethP

Added on the : 05/05/2018 English

This is one really good absinthe. Not that much anise but I think it's quite enough. Well balanced, and for me it's just a tad (!) beneath my all time favourite vertes (Jade 1901 and Grön Opal).

By Absinthe NYC

Added on the : 26/03/2018 English

Absinthe Gustave

A delicious resurrected recipe from the 18th century. This absinthe is heaven. Paul Devoilles absinthes use some of the best wine base I have ever had in an absinthe. Even their low budget La Charlotte is quit delicious.

Delicious taste of caramel and sweet creamy anise at the forefront. Fennel and calamus drive this complex absinthe.Some citrus notes are present. Wonderful spicy notes top off the palate with a slightly sweet and bitter aftertaste. Wormwood present, but under the cloak of calamus. So many more herbs here and blended to perfection. Such a complex absinthe!

I have tried about 9 pre-ban absinthes within the past 10 years.

I would say in a preban and preban style absinthe blind contest, I would lose. In my opinion this is as good as preban style gets. I haven’t reviewed FDC yet. But wow! Been blown away ever since my first sample. I’m glad I bought a few more bottles.

I can’t say this is an absinthe for the novice. But anybody that has had pre-ban absinthes in the past will truly appreciate Gustave.

By Anthony

Added on the : 27/02/2018 English

This was my first time to try this absinthe. For me personally, it was too overpowering with herbs

By JFK666

Added on the : 27/02/2018 English

A gorgeous creation, which most unusually for me at least, seems to become better with the addition of a sugar cube (personally I rarely add sugar). It is wonderfully complex and in no way tastes as alcoholic as it is. I enjoy this thick louching and bold flavoured absinthe very much!

By Rob Thomas

Added on the : 19/01/2018 English

Up there in my top 5 , Nice Louche , rounded taste one of the best offerings from Paul Devoille..

By cm

Added on the : 13/10/2017 English

Very satisfied with this absinthe. Wonderful aroma and taste.

By Shanty Doc

Added on the : 25/09/2017 English

An absolutely fantastic absinthe!! The strong note of calamus, blends perfectly with the holy trinity, giving this a rich full flavour. Very complex and well balanced. I will be buying more of this when it is available again. Well done!!

By Vern S.

Added on the : 18/09/2017 English

I ordered two bottles of Gustave. I love this absinthe, very thick louche. I tried to order more for a cruise coming up, but already it is "Out of Stock". I hope to get more....

By R

Added on the : 11/09/2017 English

Really nice absinthe with a strong flavor profile. This absinthe demands you take your time with it - and it's a pleasure to do so.

By wolf2den

Added on the : 11/09/2017 English

Gustave...the best of the DeVoille line! Love it! So rich and complex!

Results 1 to 10  (out of 12)

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