Absinthe Gustave - barrel-aged - 70cl

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Absinthe Gustave is back, and even more refined than before.

This version of Gustave has had its ageing finished in an oak barrel. The aim was not to make an intensely oaked spirit like cognac or whisky, but merely to provide a finishing touch, to round off the complex aromas and bring another dimension to the whole. The oak aged version is even smoother than the normal Gustave.

Read here about the standard version of Gustave for more background information and the herbs used.

The barrel aged edition of Gustave is bottled at 72% alcohol by volume, like very finest vintage absinthe.

Tasting notes

A caramel colour in the glass. The aroma is already enticing. On adding water, the louche is thick. The colour is a beautiful milky green tinted caramel.
On the nose come fennel, wormwood and an earthy note, rounded off by notes of vanilla, wood and something fruity which works well with the anise.
The flavour is at once sweet and gently bitter. Delicious.
The finish is rounded and smooth.

Read the tasting notes of absinthe expert Marc Thuillier at our blog.

How to enjoy Gustave Barrel Aged

Absinthe should always be mixed with water before drinking, to release the full bouquet of aromatic notes held within.

Pour a measure of Gustave Barrel Aged (30ml or 1 fluid ounce) into an absinthe glass and add three to five parts chilled water, dripping slowly. If desired, to sweeten the absinthe, drip the water over a sugar cube placed on a slotted absinthe spoon.
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    1,3 kg
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    72% vol
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    Dead leaf
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    RUEVERTE GmbH, Herrgasse 3, 79294 Sölden, DE
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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Paul Devoille, France


The distillery was founded by Xavier Devoille. His son, Paul Devoille, was very dedicated to developing the distillery, and worked hard on its growth. This is why up until this day, the distillery is named after him. Paul Devoille was a very important person in Fougerolles, he held the position of the major for many years.


Due to the bad financial position the distillery was in, Jaques Veillet, the new owner of the distillery, decided to sell it to an experienced business man, who already invested into a couple of other distilleries inside and outside on France. René Miscault bought the distillery, and made some rapid administrational changes. He also expanded their product range, and opened the distillery for visitors to the public. These measures may seem drastic, however, they saved the distillery in the end. Today, Hugues Miscault, the son of René Miscault, runs the distillery.

Paul Devoille's Absinthe:

Their probably most popular absinthes, apart from the Libertines, and the Enigma Verte and Enigma Blanche. Absinthe Soixante-Cinq is a pretty interesting absinthe as well, with a quite spicy smell combined with a fruityness from the wine-alcohol base. Certainly, there are a lot of other spirits produced at Paul Devoille, such as eau-de-vies and liqueurs. From plum to strawberry, you can find nearly all of the common flavours.

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By Sphex

Added on the : 06/09/2019 English

Excellent absinthe, I am a big fan of Jade and this rates right up there with them. Definitely go for the wood aged, you wont regret it.

By John

Added on the : 22/02/2019 English

Smooth and excellent after dinner drink. I would recommend to others.

By aNovice

Added on the : 17/01/2019 English

Notes from a novice.
I have just started trying to learn about Absinthe
The method is straight forward:
Ice water in/over ice, dripped over 1 cube to no cubes of sugar, slowly to appreciate the precipitation of dissolved herbal essences.
Watch, and smell. Slower is better.
Ratios: 1:3-5

I had tried, so far ...
Absinthe Roquette 1797
Absinthe La Clandestine
Absinthe Gustave
Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier

I do not understand Wormwood yet, but I know Anise, and Fennel.
Wormwood seems to be the slightly bitter note, that provides the foundation for the Anise, Fennel and other herbs.

All of the above Absinthes are well balanced, complex, with different balances of bitter to herb flavor/sweetness.

But this is a review of Absinthe Gustave.
Gustave seemed to be more of an Amber, than a Verte, which it is.
Maybe the barrel aging added the amber/light browns to the louche.

What struck me, what I appreciated the most, was the mouth feel, the thickness/creaminess after louching.
Very enjoyable, I will return to this in the future after I try the Jades, and the Amer

By Geoffrey du Luc

Added on the : 16/01/2019 English

Everything one should expect with a fine absinthe, with warm herbal notes, perfect for sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter's day .

By Marco Tonarelli

Added on the : 07/01/2019 English

Another good absinthe from Devoille. Smooth and fruity aroma

By Der Robert

Added on the : 17/12/2018 English

i wanted to mark five stars....but i wasn t mindful enough.....here ist the lost star for you to combine my comments

By Der Robert

Added on the : 17/12/2018 English

very handsome bottle with an even more handsome smooth but strong content Gustave is tough

By Martin

Added on the : 17/12/2018 English

Not as richly flavored by the barrel-aging as the barrel-aged Roquette, but nevertheless a lovely good verte with a little extra subtle complexity. Beautiful feuille-morte color.

By Absinthe NYC

Added on the : 17/04/2018 English

Absinthe Gustave FDC

It was very difficult to give this superb absinthe the review it deserves....

The complexity is phenomenal. The Devoille distillery team have seamlessly created the perfect pre-ban style absinthe in my opinion. I’m into my second bottle in so much awe and amazement. I enjoyed the First Gustave Non FDC. It was slightly bitter because of the calamus. I know it’s not for everyone. But this FDC has really brought the orchestra of herbs together in harmony

Complexity at its finest. Devoille never disappoints with its wine base. Supremely creamy anise. Delicious vanilla, toffee, and caramel notes are everlasting on the palate. Fennel and wormwood in the mix. Balanced perfection... Some of the muskiness of a preban lingers here. A nice amount of spiciness is very soothing. The calamus is not so dominant as the regular Gustave.

This absinthe very much reminds me of the original preban Pernod Fils 1901.

This is my favorite preban style. I can’t believe how similar this is to a preban. I’ll definitely be ordering more for stock.

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