Absinthe Hapsburg Premium Reserve 89,9 - 50cl

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This absinthe is the most highly potencied absinthe on the market. Not everyone will be able to master its strength.   Read the whole description

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Hapsburg Yellow 89,9 is one of the most highly potencied absinthe on the market. Not everyone will be able to master its strength. Its distiller did not hesitate to write “Extra Special Super Strength” on its bottle. Behind its high content of alcohol is revealed a light bitterness on subtle star anise notes. Amateurs of strong sensations will be pleased to take up the challenge !

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Added on the : 26/09/2013

Good taste, minimal loucheing. Doesn't taste as strong as I thought. The enigma blanche was more potent in my opinion.

By by firefly

Added on the : 28/06/2013

I purchased this Aby in 2008 from Duty Free in Wellington (Which has now been removed from the shelves)
It is one of my favourite Absinthe's, so I was pleased to find it here!
I have just purchased a case :) You will not be disappointed! It's super strong, so be careful!

By Elizabeth

Added on the : 03/06/2013

It's my favorite one. Love that girl in the bottle. Really nice taste, not an absinthe to get crazy in one night. This one in particular requires time.

By Rohan

Added on the : 03/06/2013

i liked the trip .. it good and a happy trip .... keep u calm smoke some and u get more happier m/

By Festeban111

Added on the : 26/02/2012

Too strong for me... you need to read the label before doing something stupid... don't drink it neat, and don't smoke around.... it's for real. :)

By festeban111

Added on the : 17/10/2011

Strong, sophisticated, beautifully bottled. It's not for everybody... but if you have experience dealing with absinthe you need to try this.

By festeban111

Added on the : 17/10/2011

Strong, but maybe too much... I like it, but I would not recommend it for beginners, you need some stamina to deal with this absinthe.

By Service

Added on the : 16/08/2011

The order took slightly longer, but was worth the wait.

By Dangerous!

Added on the : 16/08/2011

This is like 190 proof Everclear, grain alcohol only with a wonderful flavor. Nice Anise and louche. This might not be for all, but if you are up for the challenge will not be disappointed. I wish it was around the corner at the local.

By Zweer

Added on the : 16/05/2011

Fantastic product and service: fast, precise...really really suggested!!!

Results 1 to 10  (out of 13)

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