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Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee - 70cl

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Rated 5/5 based on 13 customer reviews
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Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee was created as an homage to one of the best absinthes of the 19th century.    Read the whole description

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The long awaited final chapter of Jade liqueurs' absinthe portfolio.

The development of Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee took several years: historical sleuthing, botanical research and patience were all necessary to produce this high quality absinthe.

Jade Terminus is an homage to one of the best absinthes of the Belle Epoque: Cusenier Oxygenée. The Cusenier distillery created this absinthe in reponse to claims that absinthe was dangerous, and claimed that their proprietary oxygenation process left the absinthe free of any potentially deleterious properties. We now know that absinthe is only as harmful as any other alcoholic drink, however this unique oxygenation process lent a unique character to the absinthe, so to make Jade Terminus Oxygenee Ted Breaux decided to use a hot oxygenation process closely mirroring the original technique.

This handcrafted absinthe is distilled by T.A. Breaux, according to traditional french methods, and aged fully for several years. Absinthe alembics from the 19th century have been used for its destillation in the historical Combier distillery. This absinthe is made of a eau-de-vie base spirit, unusual Alpine varieties of wormwood, and other European herbs. No sugar or artificial colours are in the recipe. This absinthe has rested for an average of 3 years before bottling.

This absinthe represents the most powerful expression of the spirit in the Jade portfolio!

Creamy, with potent aromatics and a lengthy, stimulating aftertaste, recalling the medicinal origins of the spirit.

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  • Absinthes.com's note:

Jade Liqueurs & Combier, France

1834 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier, 25, opens the Combier-Destre candy store in Saumur together with his brother Claude. Thanks to an alembic installed in the back shop, he distils some liqueurs to fill his candies and chocolates with.

1848 :

J ean-Baptiste buys more alembics and establishes the Combier distillery on the rue Beaurepaire, where it still is located today. This is the starting point of a booming business, Combier now sells its liqueurs all over the world.

1861 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier's son James, only 19 years old, learns the art of distillation before traveling to England, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Egypt, from where he brings new essences and herbs for Combier Liqueurs.

Absinthe distillation at Combier :

Combier owns its own fields of 2 wormwood cultivars, harvested by hand and traditionally dried in an attic. There are 10 alembics from the 19th century in the distilling room, including 8 from Egrot (the famous maker of Pernod Fils alembics at the time).

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By Lars jonlid

Added on the : 19/04/2017

Great, but i´we liked it less sweet ! Less sweet, less sweet !

By m

Added on the : 06/04/2017

beautiful, very drinkable (too much so) I think I have found my favourite absinthe!

By Ninonocae

Added on the : 21/02/2017

One word: Heavely. This is EASILY the best absinthe I've ever bought! My ONLY complaint (and one that I thought wasn't great enough to harm the rating) was the cork in the bottle. I had to go out and get a corkscrew but because the cork was so small it ended up breaking. I've gotten a tiny bit of cork in the bottle, but I rememberd that I had a T-cork from an old Lucid bottle that is working nicely to cover the top now.

By Absintheur

Added on the : 16/02/2017

I purchased this absinthe around the first of February and it arrived on the 16th to my home in the United States. The bottle is absolutely beautiful and the taste is easily the best absinthe I've ever had. I will definitely be ordering more from the Jade line! My only con about the entire bottle was that the cork proved to be a nightmare. The corkscrew I had barely worked (and I'm not all that well-versed in it's usage) so it ended up butchering the cork.

By D

Added on the : 02/02/2017

Although the new kid in town in the Jade line it's proving itself yet another great one to have on hand.

By Amy

Added on the : 16/01/2017

Delivered in a timely fashion and a very fine absinthe. I got three bottles of this time. Will order again.

By Elle

Added on the : 07/01/2017

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He is an avid lover of absinthe. We tried this last night, and compared it to a slightly cheaper bottle that he already had. There was no question, the Jade Terminus Oxygenee was the clear winner. He was particularly delighted with it. I was very pleased with the service, and the bottle arrived relatively quickly, considering it had to cross international waters. Will order from here again.

By Martianbuddy

Added on the : 05/01/2017

This absinthe is fantastic, so tasteful and rich of marvelous sensations. It remotely reminds me the jade 1901. Jade absinthes never disappoint.

By Anonymous

Added on the : 01/12/2016

So good. Slightly less astringent than other Jades I've tasted - the wormwood isn't as aggressive and it's easier to drink (almost dangerously easy). Feels creamy in the mouth, only a very gentle numbing of the palate, you don't want to swallow it because it tastes so lovely. Difficult to pick between this and the 1901 for my favourite of the Jade line, but I'd give it to the Terminus for anise lovers.

By Pdmus

Added on the : 23/12/2015

This is my first bottle of absinthe so I claim 0 expertise! I am a composer and so have heard of absinthe thru study of Paris, art, etc. and always wanted to try it. I saw the documentary and found that it is legal and found this site. I chose this one based on description, originality and my wife likes the label - which is always a good test. The flavor is wonderful, slightly anise, floral herbs and with the sugar cube, very easy to drink. We are not drinkers, but I think we will be having absinthe at least twice a month -

Results 1 to 10  (out of 13)

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