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Mellow, this absinthe is beautifully well-balanced. A high quality “Bleue”.   Read the whole description

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La Ptite absinthe is mellow and beautifully well-balanced. A high quality “Bleue”.

It is produced from an original recipe, already used illegally before legalisation. This recipe has been updated since it was developed in 1898.
La P'tite is distilled by an artisan in old clandestine stills.
It is based on 12 plants grown and carefully selected in the Val-de-Travers.

An absinthe with character!

Read the tasting notes over on our blog.

Gaudentia Persoz, Suisse

Gaudentia one of the first female distillers. She is young, and passionate about absinthe, and distills with an historic recipe from 1898, that she found, along with a small alambic, when she and her husband purchased their house in Couvet, Switzerland.

The distillery is a member of the “Les Artisans de l'Absinthe” association – it's most popular absinthe: La P'tite. Gaudentia's husband Jean-Michel is responsible for Marketing and Sales of thei products, and together these two people form an unbeatable team.

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By Usakampfswimmer

Added on the : 03/03/2017

Consider this fine Blanche bottle a light version of the Eichelberger 68.

By diana501

Added on the : 13/01/2016

Got a sample of this absinthe and I absolutely love it. Fresh, crisp, mellow, and the taste is wonderful! I definitely plan on buying a full bottle.

By Thomas Boston

Added on the : 11/08/2013

I have been so lucky to meet the couple that makes this absinthe on several occations. I believe some of the pictures on the distillery portrait was actually taken by us back then in 2009. Before that I had aquired a bottle from the Absinthe shop in Berlin and thrilled I was. We had this stuff imported to Denmark as well as the first Swiss blanche in the "new age". We lived at the distillery for four days and despite mutual language difficulties (as my french is close to nothing) we spoke the same language in terms of absinthe-passion and quality. This is - along with e.g. Artimisia/Clandestine) a standout VdT absinthe, furthermore Gaudentia makes a deed in being precise in the manufacturing process, which leaves a consistent quality from batch to batch.

As for the taste it obviously presents the best of the traditional Val de Travers blanche, however, la Ptite seems to be more floral and contains a definite note of chamomille, the wormwood is very clear and pleasant. A high-proof version is always welcome, but if you have developed taste for this, you could try the "Absinthe love 69" as well. La P´tite is a highly recommended product that probably will stay on my top 10 for blanches.

By mauiwind

Added on the : 26/02/2012

The most civilized of my purchase. That is not to say that it doesn't pack a punch.

By New Absintheur

Added on the : 26/11/2011

I just had a glass of La P'tite...

Indeed it's a high quality La Bleue. La P'tite is mellow absinthe with strong character; all flavors and aromas are discrete but well defined. Louche is above average, good.

Anise, Fennel and Wormwood amounts are well-balanced to create a unique taste. Nice finish, with light-but-controlled bitterness. This absinthe is worth the price, a must-have in every absinthe bar.


Added on the : 12/07/2009

My favorite Swiss LaBleue. Very aromatic and floral. Perfectly clean. Well distilled. Very well done.

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