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La Grenouillarde is a tribute to the birthplace of absinthe.

The wormwood used to make La Grenouillarde is grown and cultivated around Boveresse, from the garden of the Maison des Chats, The House of Cats, a picturesque building with sculptures of cats on ledges, to be precise.

For centuries the inhabitants of Boveresse were called Grenouillardes by people from other villages in the Val-de-Travers. There isn't a precise way to translate Grenouillarde, but roughly speaking, it's a sweet way of saying a female frog! So why the did others in the valley call them frogs? Quite simply - to get from their homes to the next village of Motiers, the people of Boveresse had to traverse a marsh or piece of swampland. To avoid getting their shoes wet and muddy (particularly important on their way to Church on Sunday in Motiers, one can imagine), they jumped over the puddles from tuft of grass to tuft of grass. Presumably this was the subject of much humour for the others in the Val-de-Travers!

The villagers from the home of absinthe no longer have to endure wet feet feet - a channel was made in 1950 to stop the regular flooding. It now looks very much like a natural river, and on one of its banks is a little fountain, with a spout shaped like a frog.

La Grenouillarde's distiller, Philippe Martin, lives to spread the word about the green fairy and follow his mission of making absinthes to be proud of.

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    Môtiers / Val-de-Travers
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La Valote Martin, Switzerland

The distillery of Philippe Martin is situated in Boveresse, in the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe and today home to some of the finest absinthe distilleries.

Philippe Martin distills his absinthes in an old house known to locals as La Maison des Chats, a centuries-old building decorated with stone sculptures of cats. Right opposite is the distillery's own garden, where most of the herbs used for Philippe’s absinthe is cultivated.

Philippe took over the distillery from his father Francis Martin in 2014, who distilled for 33 years during the time of the absinthe ban in Switzerland. When absinthe was re-legalized in 2005, Francis received a licence to produce absinthe legally.

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By The Shaggin' DJ

Added on the : 25/02/2020 English

My first introduction into the products of Mr. Martin, but for sure it will not be the last! Love this la bleue!

By P&G

Added on the : 20/12/2016 English

Became a favorite at first taste! Sharp, consistent appeal.

By Fleuriergirl

Added on the : 08/01/2016 English

Excellente indeed - but I'm afraid not a Bovet at all - but as it says on the label, a Martin- from the famous distillery at the magnificent Maison des Chats (1777) in Boveresse (and not Môtiers for Bovet- I am a fan too btw). Les Grenouillards is the nick-name of the inhabitants of Boveresse. Mr Martin snr has now been replaced by his son Philippe - do go and visit him, and ask him to take you up to the attic of the house- with its built-in absinthe drying area.

By Lasse

Added on the : 19/01/2014 English

A balanced ensemble of flavour with a mixture of spices and aniseed. Its always satisfying to discover underrated quality concoctions. One of the smoothest La Bleues I have ever experienced.

By Jean Lafitte

Added on the : 18/01/2014 English

I have been a fan of Bovet for some time and this does not disappoint.

My experience is probably less than many here but I have tried around 10 La Bleues from Switzerland. These are among my favorites. You can taste the decades of experience Mr. Bovet brings to each bottle.

I just had a few glasses of this and La Valote this last evening. I could tell very little difference when compared side by side apart from the obvious difference in alcohol content - higher in the Grenouillarde.

The little difference in them meant that I liked them both. Not too bitter but just enough to let you feel the Wormwood. Very similar aromas to each other. Not floral - very earthy. I like the natural terroir in the La Bleues that are sometimes absent in the vertes. Well balanced.

I would love to visit this distillery when I visit later. My visit would be complete if I were to also enjoy a bootlegged version while there.

Thanks Mr. Bovet!

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