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The Combier distillery is popular for their high quality absinthes and liqueurs. This absinthe made by Franck Choisne, the owner of the distillery.

L'Entêté (can be translated as „the persistent“) is a premium absinthe made with grand wormwood a wormwood field in the Loire Valley, right next to the distillery, fennel from the Provence, and green anise from Spain. This absinthe is a hommage to the traditional and refreshing flavours of absinthe, brought into the 20th Century.

At first, enjoy L'Entêté without sugar (due to its relatively low alcohol compared to other Vertes). Dilute one part absinthe with 3 to 5 parts of iced water.

The Entêté was awarded the Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2015, in 2016 and at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2018.
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    1,6 kg
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    62% vol
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    rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
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    Mix with water before drinking.
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Jade Liqueurs & Combier, France

1834 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier, 25, opens the Combier-Destre candy store in Saumur together with his brother Claude. Thanks to an alembic installed in the back shop, he distils some liqueurs to fill his candies and chocolates with.

1848 :

J ean-Baptiste buys more alembics and establishes the Combier distillery on the rue Beaurepaire, where it still is located today. This is the starting point of a booming business, Combier now sells its liqueurs all over the world.

1861 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier's son James, only 19 years old, learns the art of distillation before traveling to England, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Egypt, from where he brings new essences and herbs for Combier Liqueurs.

Absinthe distillation at Combier :

Combier owns its own fields of 2 wormwood cultivars, harvested by hand and traditionally dried in an attic. There are 10 alembics from the 19th century in the distilling room, including 8 from Egrot (the famous maker of Pernod Fils alembics at the time).

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By An absinthe for a heatwave

Added on the : 08/08/2020 English

Tantalisingly light and refreshing, but without being insubstantial. Very well balanced, this will thin the blood in the summers heat

By tearlgra

Added on the : 30/01/2020 English

Decent but unremarkable. Louche is nice, taste is fine, doubtful I would order this one again.

By Ben

Added on the : 15/10/2017 English

Very easy to drink, love the licorice notes that come through. will probably buy it again.

By elemile

Added on the : 21/04/2016 English

Taste, aroma and color are nice, but the louche is excedengly weak (even worst than Un Émile).

By Mari-AU-1967

Added on the : 29/03/2014 English

In short... Exquisite.
Highly fragrant, and quite feminine. This steeps the senses in sweet orange blossom and delicate spice.
A fine balance of the finest flavors and an Absinthe which can be equally enjoyed louched or neat.
Many thanks.

By Emerald

Added on the : 28/02/2014 English

It's hard not to compare this to the Jade range, which is also a product of Combier. Colour wise it's the slightly paler more opalescent cousin of the L'Esprit d'Edouard, still a beautiful natural colour to behold though. The louche is one of the best I've seen so far, rivaling the well known quality of the Jade 1901 - gorgeous oil trails, swirling clouds of colour changes as the louche slowly develops, simply delightful to watch. The final louche colour is a pale white-ish green, with some interesting light play when held up to a sunlit window. It's a little on the thin side in terms of colouration, but that is more than made up for my the taste. What can I say, this is a herbaceous symphony that builds from it's top notes and then slowly unfolds with a crescendo of the holy trinity of Absinthe (Anise, Fennel, Wormwood). Think flowering meadows in spring, think of cottage herb gardens awash with scent. Think Für Elise by Beethoven.

By Kristian Bruun

Added on the : 22/01/2014 English

In a way this has everything I have been missing from the Jades - clean, crisp, peppery, lots of fresh wormwood - and still that flavour of roses and almonds that we know from Jade, especially Nouvelle Orleans. Then again, in a direct comparison, it seems skinny and lacks depth. But also, very importantly, not the slightest hint of funk. If they ever figure out how to to retain this kind of fresh aroma in the Jade range, oh my..

By Stilgar1337

Added on the : 18/10/2013 English

Definitely one of the best. Very strong taste, wonderful louche. Very recommended.

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