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Fine and Powerful at the same time, this absinthe is a ideal companion to discover absinthe.   Read the whole description

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Libertine 72 is fine and powerful. Its balance and its various plants make it a ideal companion to discover absinthe.

It is the sister of Libertine 55, with a higher alcohol content, but also, due to its complexity, very different to the first version.
Produced according to a recipe from last century (1894), Libertine 72 is an authentic absinthe.
It is entirely made with plants and seeds. Its colour is 100% natural.
In its composition are included mainly grand wormwood, green anise, star anise, liquorice, fennel, coriander, Melissa, hyssop and veronica.
Libertine 72 has the particularity of having been produced from a distilled blend (each plant macerates and is then distilled individually before blending)

An excellent absinthe for bitterness amateurs!

Paul Devoille, France


The distillery was founded by Xavier Devoille. His son, Paul Devoille, was very dedicated to developing the distillery, and worked hard on its growth. This is why up until this day, the distillery is named after him. Paul Devoille was a very important person in Fougerolles, he held the position of the major for many years.


Due to the bad financial position the distillery was in, Jaques Veillet, the new owner of the distillery, decided to sell it to an experienced business man, who already invested into a couple of other distilleries inside and outside on France. René Miscault bought the distillery, and made some rapid administrational changes. He also expanded their product range, and opened the distillery for visitors to the public. These measures may seem drastic, however, they saved the distillery in the end. Today, Hugues Miscault, the son of René Miscault, runs the distillery.

Paul Devoille's Absinthe:

Their probably most popular absinthes, apart from the Libertines, and the Enigma Verte and Enigma Blanche. Absinthe Soixante-Cinq is a pretty interesting absinthe as well, with a quite spicy smell combined with a fruityness from the wine-alcohol base. Certainly, there are a lot of other spirits produced at Paul Devoille, such as eau-de-vies and liqueurs. From plum to strawberry, you can find nearly all of the common flavours.

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Added on the : 16/11/2017

VERY MUCH ENJOYING IT NOW it is a very joyful absinthe and I 'm going to get more soon

By Shaun

Added on the : 30/07/2017

This is my regular go to absinthe. It is very smooth and and is the perfect compliment to a good cigar.

By Dracojaco

Added on the : 26/04/2017

This absinthe is very flavorful and a very good deal for the money. This is one of the first bottles of absinthe I ever purchased, and I am looking forward to buying it again in the future, I just have to finish what I have first.

By Gl0ww0rm

Added on the : 14/03/2017

Unhappy choice, worse tasting Absynth I've ever tried. Not smooth at all, would highly recommend looking around at other brands.

By Dirtchurner

Added on the : 09/11/2016

Fragrant scents and equal herbal flavors throughout its taste. Atypical of an Absinthe to enjoy with chilled water and cubed sugar.

By Fab

Added on the : 29/10/2016

One of the best absinthes in my opinion, strong and very classic

By Cutezombiedoll

Added on the : 08/06/2016

This was the absinthe recommended to me based on my taste preferences. Taken with two sugars.

Appearance pre-louche - very pale green, much paler than I was expecting.

Louche - Thick and milky, with a very pale green color. It louches pretty easily and quickly compared to other absinthes I've tried.

Smell - Anise, but that seems to be overpowered by alcohol. I don't notice any other herbal notes.

Taste - Well, the anise is definitely there. However I'm not tasting any other herbs commonly associated with absinthe. I don't know if that's because the alcohol content is so high, or if there just weren't a lot of other herbs used in the recipe. This is one of maybe two absinthes I've drunk where you can taste the alcohol; most absinthes I've had hide their strength very well.

I'm not terribly blown away by this tbh. It's not awful by any measure, and considering that I didn't pay an arm and a leg for it I can't say I feel I didn't get my money's worth. This absinthe might be better for say a Death in the Afternoon, where you really want an absinthe with a pronounced anise flavor, rather than as an absinthe to sit around and drink. I wouldn't recommend this as someone's first absinthe. But let's see. Maybe by the time I finish the bottle it'll grow on me.

By m2racing

Added on the : 26/01/2015

Nice louche. Balanced flavor. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I would buy this again!

By elemile

Added on the : 30/11/2014

Color: not bad; just a little greener/paler than a proper peridot.

Louche: fast and thick (thanks to star anise for that, I guess).

Smell: weak and weird, just weird.

Taste: bad, to be honest, like a mix of "anise" flavored candy and recently mowed grass (lots of grass). No detectable wormwood at all. Adding sugar only strengthens the cheap candy remembrance.

Finish: lasting (but fortunately flavorless) numbing of the tongue with some dusty quality.

CONCLUSION: I was tempted to try this one because of its lower price and to have an idea of how badiane-based absinthes do; certainly not the best inversion I've ever made but lessons were learned.

By Haymarket

Added on the : 04/07/2013

Nice louche, nice mouth feel but not as good as the Lemercier.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 20)

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