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Marilyn Manson's absinthe: distilled and naturally coloured, according to the rules. A great surprise.   Read the whole description

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Marilyn Manson's absinthe: distilled and naturally coloured, according to the rules. A great surprise.

A certain complexity is hidden behind Mansinthe's simplicity, and will surprise more than one.
It suggests hyssop and green anise flavours on discrete grand wormwood notes, and offers an agreeable finish.

An absinthe that will please fans as well as amateurs !

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By recommended

Added on the : 15/01/2018

5 stars went to see marilyn in concert last year
certainly knows his absinthe best one i've ever had really grateful

By Jared

Added on the : 06/12/2017

Absolutely fantastic. This was my first experience with absinthe and I am so impressed.

By hyeronimus

Added on the : 27/10/2017

Mansinthe fulfilled my expectations, of great character and at the same time a subtlety that accompanies to the end. I tried it with my Slipstream pipe, the next I will do it with a glass and the slow drop fontaine that will surely have another attack.

By Feddooh

Added on the : 21/09/2017

Out of my 78 absinthes only 3 get top rating, Mansinthe is one of them, a fine Absinthe indeed! A very special and incredibly smooth spirit in a very nice bottle and to a very nice price. Highly recomended!

By lostboy

Added on the : 09/04/2014

If I could only have one absinthe, this would be it. Complex, deep. Prefers to breathe a bit before sipping. And always leaves me feeling happy. A "happy" absinthe is a tremendously vital thing to have on hand. It appears Matter Luginbühl is still making it.

By Travis

Added on the : 05/07/2013

I do hope they are able to restock this. It is by far one of the finest absinthes I have ever tasted. Extremely fragrant and rich even before the louche, it blooms powerfully filling the room with it's scent.

This incredible absinthe has a bit of an unfortunate name.. but there is no doubt that Marilyn Manson knows his absinthe. He sought out a distillery that had been in continuous operation producing absinthe since the 1800's and this lineage is clear in the product.

The makers of Mansinthe also make Absinthe Duplais. I would also highly recommend Duplais as well.

By Herman

Added on the : 04/12/2012

A strong alcohol taste that will probably be enjoyed by college kids, while doing shots of this.

By Anonymous.

Added on the : 25/10/2012

I was completely pleased with Mansinthe.
Not only is the bottle very appealing, it tastes just as good.
I would recommend this to both new-comers and the Absinthe lovers.
Preparing it the traditional way is good, but I tried it with pineapple juice and it's pretty good with that, too.
All in all, it's a great Absinthe.

By a nonamous

Added on the : 21/09/2012

Far exceeded my expectation of what I thought may be nothing more than a gimick. Was in fact a beautiful absinthe.

By Mari-AU-1967

Added on the : 08/09/2012

Initially, an assault on the senses but I found, with great delight, Mansinthe benefits from sitting a while before savouring.
The first sips were far from remarkable, yet it becomes more enjoyable and surprising beyond the first half of the glass. Well rounded and quite complex. Certainly worth a taste, or more.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 33)

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