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Marilyn Manson's absinthe: distilled and naturally coloured, according to the rules. A great surprise.

A certain complexity is hidden behind Mansinthe's simplicity, and will surprise more than one.
It suggests hyssop and green anise flavours on discrete grand wormwood notes, and offers an agreeable finish.

An absinthe that will please fans as well as amateurs !

Discover Marc Thuillier's tasting notes at our blog.
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    1,2 kg
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  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    66.6% vol
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  • Responsible Food Company :
    Markus Lion e.K., Münstertäler Str. 12, 79427 Eschbach, DE
  • Usage :
    Mix with water before drinking.
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By Andreas

Added on the : 05/09/2019 English

Anfänglich war ich etwas skeptisch, was Mansinthe angeht, bin aber sehr positiv überrascht. Geschmacklich ist er gefällig, ausgewogen und für Kenner, wie auch Einsteiger genau das Richtige. Ob man mit Manson als Musiker klarkommt, ist Geschmacksache. Für dieses Projekt hat er aber mit den besten Leuten aus der Absinthebranche zusammengearbeitet. Oliver Matter und Markus Lion sind durch die Duplais Serie bekannt geworden und hier findet der Kenner dann auch noch Produkte, die sich an historischen Rezepten anlehnen.
Daumen hoch!

By Creamy and smooth

Added on the : 02/09/2019 English

Although I wouldn't give this absinthe more than 3 stars, I enjoy it for what it is. I didn't choose to buy this because I'm a fan of Marilyn Manson. However, by the current star rating, I wonder how man people did choose to buy it for that reason. If I had to best label this one, this would be the white chocolate of absinthe. I feel like notes of vanilla come through and something about it is just really creamy tasting. The alcohol content doesn't throw this in a "strong absinthe" category and the anise is also not overpowering. The louche is a little on the thin side. Not my favorite absinthe, but one that I am happy I tried, and given the price, I may buy again.

By James

Added on the : 25/02/2019 English

As someone that isn't a fan of the licorice flavor attributed to absinthe, Mansinthe has become one of my favorite absinthes. It has a very complex and earthy taste to it. The only thing I don't enjoy is never having enough of it!

By RossoBella

Added on the : 02/02/2019 English

I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased a bottle of this way down here in New Zealand. Mansinthe is very expensive here, so I normally stick with the likes of La Fee Verte and Grand Absente. Sadly there is little as far as selection available locally here.

I have to say I’ve never encountered such a lush botanical scent before. During the louche Mansinthe positively fills the room with the most heavenly of scents. For me this is it’s most postitive attribute. The taste is strong on anise. I prefer a whole sugar cube, though this absinthe is light enough to drink unsweetened. Not as heady as some I’ve tasted, but easily the most appealing I’ve encountered for offering to others who haven’t tried absinthe before.

And the bottle itself is simply gorgeous. Marilyn’s artwork is sublime.

By diamondjoe

Added on the : 05/12/2018 English

Have not drank any yet. But look forward to. The bottle arrived in great condition & on time. Looks great. Can't wait to try some. Many thanks.

By liliothevalley

Added on the : 12/09/2018 English

Good stuff! This is the first time I've tried Absinthe. It is best with sugar. I will totally buy it again.

By great service!

Added on the : 08/05/2018 English

amazing! came right on time :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By MikeNike

Added on the : 17/04/2018 English

Very good. Recommended.I don't like MM, but I like his absinthe!

By Conksy

Added on the : 27/02/2018 English

Absolutely solid Swiss Absinthe and is a very solid expression of a true Absinthe. The distillery is of high regard and though I prefer the Balance, Mansinthe is legit in its coloration which has a bluish-green tint that might make you think that it was artificially colored at first. I rank this with LUCID absinthe, though I feel the botanicals are more expressive in the LUCID, though the Mansinthe has a bit stronger wormwood bite. I recommend this Absinthe much like LUCID for crafting cocktails as well as taking it the traditional manner, but lends more to Cocktails especially.

By JFK666

Added on the : 27/02/2018 English

A low anise, very easy drinking and fantastically priced absinthe which places on show all of the self marketing genius of Marilyn Manson, right down to the 66.6% alcohol content...

Results 1 to 10  (out of 44)

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